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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[2000 Grenzing/St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels]
2000 Grenzing at St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

A Belgian Bounty

…assessing the historic instrumental resources of the Flemish and Waloon regions of Belgium.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ABRAHAM van den KERCKHOVEN: Preludium Primo Tono. CLEMENT LORET: Etude No. 11 in d –Jean Ferrard (2000 Grenzing/St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels) Cypres 7507

ANONYMOUS: Chasse, fr Handschrift der Alexianen. PETER CORNET: Fantasia Secundi ToniJoris Verdin (1682 Goltfus/Begijnhof, Leuven) Rene Gailly 88806

FRANÇOIS FÉTIS: Versets, fr Messe des Dimanches. PHILIP LOOTS: Finale –Johan Huys (1847 Van Peteghem/Our Lady & St. Peter’s Church & 1894 Schyven/Carmelite Church Ghent) Rene Gailly 88802

EDGAR TINEL: Improvisation in CJozef Sluys (1898 van Bever/St. Peter’s Church, Brussels) Prezioso 820-201

JOSEPH JONGEN: Pastorale, Op. 5, no. 2 –John Scott Whiteley (1912 van Bever/Our Lady of the Lake Church, Brussels) Priory 324

FLOR PEETERS: Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 58 –Peter Van de Velde (1891 Schyven/Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp) Aeolus 10711

Filler – KERCKHOVEN (see above)

Hour 2

JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK: Toccata & Echo Fantasie –Serge Schoonbroodt (1600 Hocquet-1998 Schumacher/St. Jacob’s Church, Liege) Aeolus 10201

DIEUDONNÉ RAICK: Andante & Giga, fr Suite No. 3Joris Verdin (1780 van Peteghem/St. Lievens Church, Houtem) Rene Gailly 88801

JACQUES LEMMENS: Triptych (Fanfare-Cantabile-Finale), fr Ecole d’OrgueStanislas Deriemaeker (1891 Schuyven/Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp) Rene Gailly 88800

CESAR FRANCK: Fantasie in C, Op. 16 –Jean Ferrard (2000 Grenzing/St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels) Cypres 007

J. S. BACH (trans. Weitz): Mortify us by thy grace, fr Cantata BWV 22. GUY WEITZ: Grand ChoeurPeter Van de Velde (1891 Schyven/Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp) Aeolus 11091

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Filler – LEMMENS: Fanfare (see above)

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