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Mailbag: “When do the shows air?”

September 13, 2013


The program on PipeDreams featuring the Juilliard Organists indicates that it will play on Sept. 23, Monday. But in Minn, Chicago, and Missouir it plays on Sunday. Will the program air on Sunday the 22nd or Sunday the 29th ?

Program No. 1338 9/23/2013
A Juilliard Student Showcase…members of the Juilliard School organ studio of Paul Jacobs present a Pipedreams Live! event at Alice Tully Hall.

Thanks very much,

Ronald Ball

Hi Ronald,

The program is distributed to stations on September 23…and the audio for it goes 'live' on the program web page that (Monday) afternoon.  Stations broadcast PIPEDREAMS at all sorts of times and on many different days, but the program will air (if on at a time AFTER the indicated release date (never before)). 

As it does not air at all in Saint Louis, you need simply await the Monday, September 23 enlivening of the program page, and off you go.

Make sense?

Also keep in mind that once aired, the program remains in the archive, available for audition at any time.  Simply click "Programs" in the upper right corner of the main page http://www.pipedreams.org and access the entire archive, indexed by year.

Happy listening!




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