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Mailbag: “Blast from the past”

October 08, 2007

Dear Michael,

No question in this one… Just today, 7 Oct 2007, I was browsing through your past programs on Pipedreams. Replayed program #0213 dated 25 Mar 2002 titled “He Is Risen!” Just beautiful!!! Thanks for archiving these past programs so we can enjoy some of our favorites again and again. One other comment. Iver Kleive’s organ playing is so smooth. Like greased glass. Knute Reiersrud and Povl Dissing are always appreciated. Perhaps a program based on KKV recordings is in order as I note that they have many by these three artists and many more by other good folks. Just a suggestion.

Again, thanks.

Ken Marshall



Thanks for the vote of confidence, and for poking around in the ‘cold storage’. There are a lot of fine programs from years ago (I wish we had the capacity…mostly staff time…to get more of them active online), and it’s good to know that people listen to them.

The Kirkelig Kulturverksted is a remarkable resource…not just for the few organ CDs that they issue, but the many other interesting and imaginative musicians (in the ‘pop’ field, too), very refreshing stuff.

I’ve held off doing a program on Iver Kleive in hopes that I might be able to snag him for an interview, but his travels to this country are infrequent, and I may need to set up something via phone/satellite.

In any event, his individuality does grab my attention, and I should at least bring a few more of his things into more current programming.

And for anyone reading this and wondering what we are talking about, even though the site is in Norwegian, check it out at http://www.kkv.no and head for the ‘musikk’ pages.


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