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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1729 Anonymous/Church of San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaxa, Mexico]
1729 Anonymous at the Church of San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaxa, Mexico

Old Spanish Music in the New World

…focusing on Robert Bates’ new recording of Correa’s Facultad Organica (1626).

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

FRANCISCO CORREA de ARAUXO: Tiento XIII; Tiento XXXVI –1712 Chavez/Oaxaca Cathedral, Mexico

CORREA: Tres Glosas LXIX –1791 Neri/Church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion, Tlacolula, Mexico

CORREA: Sexto tiento XXXV; Tiento XXVII -1729 Anonymous/Church of San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaxa, Mexico)

CORREA: Quinto tiento XXIX –1988 Harrold/O’Neill Collection, University of California, Berkeley, CA

CORREA: Tiento LIX –1989 Rosales/Mission San Jose, CA

CORREA: Tercero tiento XXIII1791 Neri/Church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion, Tlacolula, Mexico

All performances in this hour feature Robert Bates, emeritus Professor of Organ at the University of Houston, TX, and are drawn from a 5CD set recently released by Loft Recordings (LRCD-1141-45).

Hour 2

ANTONIO de CABEZÓN: Differencias sobre ‘La Dama le Demanda’Jeremy Filsell (2014 Skrabl positive/Church of the Epiphany, Washington, DC) Raven 998

JUAN de CABANILLES: Passacales de 1 tono. JOSÉ BLASCO de NEBRA: Batalla de clarinesCalvert Johnson (1991 Collon/St. Francis Chapel, John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH) Calcante 008

PABLO BRUNA: Tiento on the Litany of the VirginRobert Parkins (1976 Flentrop/Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC) Naxos 8.550705

TIMOTHY TIKKER: Tiento de Batalla sobra la Balletto del Granduca(1998) –Diane Meredith Belcher (1998 Glatter-Götz & Rosales/Claremont United Church of Christ, Claremont, CA) JAV 115

CORREA: Segundo tiento XXVIRobert Bates (1989 Rosales/Mission San Jose, CA) Loft 1141/45

CORREA: Tiento LII –Robert Bates (1712 Chavez/Oaxaca Cathedral, Mexico) Loft 1141/45

JUAN de CABANILLES: Tiento de batalla de 8 tonoJohn Butt (1988 Harrold/O’Neill Collection, University of California, Berkeley, CA) Harmonia Mundi 907047

Several of the instruments featured here will be heard during the 12th International Organ and Early Music Festival (February 14-21, 2018) in and around Oaxaca.

Enjoy some additional audio treats:

The 2005 Pipedreams Tour visited Oaxaca.  Here’s a diary of that experience. 

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