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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1680 Studzinski/Bernadine Basilica, Lezajsk][decorative stamp]
1680 Studzinski at Bernadine Basilica, Lezajsk

[1970 Kaminski/Frombork Cathedral][decorative stamp]
1970 Kaminski at Frombork Cathedral

[1998 Hillebrand/Augustinian Cloister, Warsaw][decorative stamp]
1998 Hillebrand at Augustinian Cloister, Warsaw

[1968 Kaminski/Oliwa Cathedral][decorative stamp]
1968 Kaminski at Oliwa Cathedral

[1745 Sitarskiego/Cistercian Abbey, Jedrzejow][decorative stamp]
1745 Sitarski at Cistercian Abbey, Jedrzejow

A Polish Pilgrimage

…in anticipation of our upcoming group tour, here’s a sampler of instruments in and compositions from the Republic of Poland.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1501 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1501 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J. S. BACHToccata and Fugue in d, BWV 565Anthony Newman (1680 Studzinski/Bernadine Basilica, Lezajsk) Helicon 1010

PIOTR DRUSINSKI:  Veni Redemptor gentiumJULIAN GEMBALSKI:  Romantic Fantasy on Queen of Poland for Ages PastJulian Gembalski (1970 Kaminski/Frombork Cathedral) DUX 0413

JAKUB SOWASalve ReginaJAN of LUBLIN:  Dance Suite –Jozef Serafin (St. John’s Church, Kazimierz Dolny) Aulos 66132

FELIX BOROWSKIPriereZygmunt Strzep (1998 Kuhn/St. Johannes Church, Altona-Hamburg, Germany) Plein Jeu 0210

MIECZYSLAW SURZYNSKICapriccio, Op. 36, no. 1Jerzy Dziubinski (1998 Hillebrand/Augustinian Cloister, Warsaw) DUX 0360

JULIUS LUCIUK:  Marian Prelude –Roman Perucki (1968 Kaminski/Oliwa Cathedral) DUX 0271

Hour 2

BACHFugue on the Magnificat, BWV 733 –Jan Jargón (1977 Hammer/St. Nicholas Monastery, Gdansk).  MIECZYSLAW SURZYNSKIImprovisation on an Old Polish Church Song,Op. 38Joachim Grubich (1984 Truszczynski/St. Paul Monastery, Cracow) Aulos 66134

STEFAN WROCLAWSKI:  4 Organ Preludes.  JAN of LUBLIN:  Dance Suite –Robert Grudzien (1745 Sitarski/Cistercian Abbey, Jedrzejow) DUX 0322

JACOBUS PODBIELSKI: Prelude in d.  WARSAW TABULATURE:  Salve Regina Verses –Miroslawa Semeniuk–Podraza (1903 Falla/St. Nicholas Church, Cracow) Alos 66132

STANISLAW MONIUSZKO:  Canonic Kyrie and Sancta Maria –Soltysik Singers; Roman Perucki (1996 Kaminski/St. Bridget’s Church, Gdansk) DUX 0182

FELIKS NOWOWIEJSKI:  Symphony No. 4, Op. 45 (1st movement) –Jerzy Erdman (1910 Klais/Church of St. Stephen, Beckum, Germany) cpo 999 274


The annual PIPEDREAMS Tour for 2015 ventures into Poland, a little-known territory, at least for us organ-lovers in the United States.  We’ll visit all of the instruments featured in this program, plus many others.  Want to come along?  



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