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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1738 Muller organ at Sint Bavokerk [St. Bavo Church], Haarlem, The Netherlands][decorative stamp]
1738 Müller organ at Sint Bavokerk [St. Bavo Church], Haarlem, The Netherlands

[1798 Holzhey organ at Neresheim Abbey, Germany][decorative stamp]
1798 Holzhey organ at Neresheim Abbey, Germany

[1966 Vulpen organ at St. Peter's Cathedral, Bremen, Germany][decorative stamp]
1966 Vulpen organ at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Bremen, Germany


…trace the evolution of this powerful compositional format from its beginnings as a suggestive street ‘dance’.

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Music played in the program

JUAN CABANILLES: Pasacalles de 1 tonoChristoph Bossert (2002 Schaefer; Kern/Benedictine Church, Villingen, Germany) Ars Musici AM-1342

ANDRÉ RAISON: Trio en PassacailleJon Kaukvik (1798 Holzhey/Neresheim Abbey, Germany) Motette CD MOT 10871

J.S. BACH: Passacaglia in c, S. 582 –Piet Kee (1738 Müller/Sint-Bavokerk [St. Bavo Church], Haarlem, The Netherlands) Chandos CD-0510

BERNARDO PASQUINI: Passagaglia per lo Scozzese –Francesco di Lernia (1792 Callido/Duomo Sant Andrea Apostolo, Venzone, Italy) Tactus CD-550004

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Passacaglia in d, BuxWV 161 –Jean-Charles Ablitzer (1687 Schnitger/St. Martin & Saint Nicolai Church, Steinkirchen, Germany) Harmonic CD-8830

MAX BAUMANN: Passacaglia, Opus 99 –Rosalinde Haas (1999 Rieger/Vierzehnheiligen Basilica, Germany) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 315 1084

ALMA ONCLEY: Passacaglia on When Jesus weptEdward A. Hansen (1965 Flentrop/Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark, Seattle, WA) reZound RZCD-5003

GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN: Passacaille in b –Wolfgang Baumgratz (1966 Vulpen/St. Peter Cathedral, Bremen, Germany) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 320 0078

FRANK MARTIN: Passacaille –James O’Donnell (1932 Henry Willis & Sons/Westminster Cathedral, London, England, UK) Hyperion CDA67017

MAX REGER: Introduction & Passacaglia in f, Opus 63, numbers 5 & 6 –Rosalinde Haas (1983 Albiez/Mutter vom Guten Rat, Frankfurt-Niederrad, Germany) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 315 0351


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