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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1750 Gabler organ at Weingarten Abbey, Germany

[1735 Gabler organ at Ochsenhausen Monastery, Germany]
1734 Gabler organ at the Reichsabtei Ochsenhausen, Germany

[1766 Riepp at Ottobeuren Basilica, Germany]
1766 Riepp organ at Ottobeuren Monastery, Germany

On Tour in Southern Germany

Michael Barone shares his field recordings of some exceptional historic instruments in spectacular Bavarian Baroque churches, and invites you to join his tour there in May 2006.

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Music played in the program


G.F. HANDEL: Capriccio in F, The Ox and the Cuckoo. ANONYMOUS 18th century: Allegro assai (1734 Gabler/Ochsenhausen Monastery, Germany)

W.A. MOZART: Adagio in F, K. 617 (1750 Gabler/Weingarten Abbey, Germany)

J.S. BACH: Prelude in C, S. 547 (1750 Gabler/Weingarten Abbey, Germany)

JOHANN KRIEGER: Toccata in D (1662 Anonymous/gallery of the Mönchsdeggingen Parish Church, Germany)

ANTONIO VALENTE: Lo ballo dell’intorca. JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER: Canzona Number 5 (1693 Prescher choir organ/Parish Church, Mönchsdeggingen, Germany)

ANDREAS SCHRÖDER: Improvisation (1737 Baumeister/Maihingen Cloister, Germany)

ANONYMOUS: Canzona for Two Organs (1766 Riepp/Ottobeuren Monastery, Germany)

ANDREA GABRIELI: Intonazione del sesto tono; Canzon francese detta ‘Petit Jaquet’ (1736 Fux/Fürstenfeldbruck Monastery, Germany)

Allegro, 3rd movement, from Organ Sonata Number 3 in F (1785 Holzhey/Klosterkirche Sankt Verena, Rot-an-der-Rot, Germany)

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Prelude in d, Opus 37, number 3. JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Andantino in e-flat, Opus 162, number 4 (1844 Walcker/Sankt Maria Pfarrkirche, Schramberg, Germany)

JUSTIN HEINRICH KNECHT: Kleines Flötenconcert in F (1798 Holzhay/Neresheim Abbey, Germany)

FRIDOLIN SICHER: Chanson Intabulation after Josquin, Adieu mes amours. PAUL HOFHAIMER: Ade mit Leid (1713 Reiter/St. Luzen Church, Hechingen, Germany)

FRANZ LEHRNDORFER: Introduction & Fugue on Maria, breit den Mantel aufFranz Lehrndorfer (1994 Georg Jann/Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany) Celestial Harmonies CD-13209

With one exception, these performances feature Andreas Schröder of Karlsruhe, whom we recorded in demonstration of these instruments during an Organ Historical Society tour in 1997. These same instruments, and many others, will be visited and heard during our own PIPEDREAMS European Organ Tour 2006, April 28—May 11, 2006.

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