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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Wilma Jensen
Wilma Jensen

Wilma Jensen at Saint George’s

On our next Pipedreams program, Wilma Jensen is featured artist, proving that Nashville is not ALL country music. On the Casavant organ at Saint George’s Church, Ms. Jensen plays a recital on churchly themes, from bright preludes and quiet meditations to scenes of the Passion and hymns of the Resurrection.

It IS all about love, and dedication, to music for the organ and the church. We celebrate the career of one of Nashville’s unsung star performers, a little woman who can make the big Casavant organ speak its mind. Enjoy the artistry of Wilma Jensen at Saint George’s Church, Nashville, TN.

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Music played in the program

ALBERTO GINASTERA: Toccata, Villancico & Fugue [1947]


PAUL DeMALENGREAU: Tumult in the Praetorium

JOHANN VOGLER: Chorale-prelude, Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod.

JEAN-YVES DANIEL-LESUR: Scene of the Passion

LYNNWOOD FARNAM: Toccata, O sons and daughters, let us sing

JEAN-FRANÇOIS DANDRIEU: Variations on an Easter Carol

LARRY KING: Resurrection

LOUIS VIERNE: Etoile du soir, Opus 54, number 3

LARRY KING: Fanfare to the Tongues of Fire

Filler –SIR EDWARD ELGAR: Nimrod, from Enigma Variations; Pro Organo CD 7065

Other performances on compact disc with different repertoire by Ms. Jensen and her choir are available from Pro Organo Records. This program also includes a performance of Lynnwood Farnam’s Toccata by the composer himself, from a long-deleted LP album made in 1955 made via a 1925 Welte reproducing-organ player roll.


This program was originally issued as #9022 in May 1990


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