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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

AGO 1982 VII

…a recital by Catharine Crozier on the organ at Church of Epiphany in Washinton, DC, recorded during the 1982 National Biennial Convention of the American Guild of Organists.

Program Broadcast date:

•May 21, 1984 as Program #34 [Show 8434]

•September 15, 1986 as Show #8637

Audio 88:19

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Music played in the program

Complete Show

LARRY KING: Resurrection: Lament; The Rising; The Ecstasy; Reflection, premiere

NED ROREM: A Quaker Reader a suite in 11 movements
1 - First-Day Thoughts
2 - Mary Dyer did hang as a flag
3 - Evidence of things not seen
4 - There is a spirit that delights to do no evil
5 - The World of Silence
6 - Bewitching attire of the most charming simplicity
7 - A secret power
8 - No darkness at all
9 - One sigh rightly begotten
10 - Return home to within
11 - Ocean of Light

Catharine Crozier (1968 Aeolian-Skinner/Epiphany Episcopal, Washington, DC) recorded July 2, 1982

HORATIO PARKER: Allegretto, from Sonata in E-flat, Opus 65. CHARLES CALLAHAN: Aria. CHARLES CALLAHAN: Variations on a Ground. –Charles Callahan (1968 Aeolian-Skinner/Epiphany Episcopal, Washington, DC)


The score by Larry King was commissioned for this occasion. Both he and Ned Rorem comment about their works. The additional performances feature the then-resident organist at Epiphany Church.

On-location recordings were engineered by Curt Wittig and John Widoff.

This broadcast was another in a series of new programs that marked the full-time return of PIPEDREAMS to the national airwaves in 1983.