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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments


Michael Barone

2002 Spring Organ Tour

April 21-May 3, 2002


Registration is now full. The tour has sold out.


  1730 Trost organ
  1730 Trost organ of the Stadtkirche in Waltershausen, Germany
Prepare to be enchanted! Explore the heart of Bach Country with American Public Media’s Michael Barone (host of Pipedreams) during an 11-plus day visit to historic organs in eastern Europe from April 21 to May 3, 2002. Combine an opportunity to travel, the fellowship of organ enthusiasts and music lovers, and an exciting itinerary that includes Berlin, Potsdam, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Eisenach, Dresden, and Prague (see map).

Meet with resident organists and builders, gain hands-on experience with some of Europe’s finest instruments in Altenberg, Weimar, Halle, and Erfurt. Tour the Schuke organ factory in Potsdam and the Meissen porcelain factory in Dresden. Hear numerous concerts and special demonstrations. And experience the Saint Thomas Church in Leipzig in the heart of Bach Country.

map of Europe

The entire trip costs only $2,899 including airfare, guides, land transportation, accommodations, daily breakfast, and eight dinners and two lunches. A small, tax-deductible portion of the fee will support the continuing broadcast of American Public Media’s Pipedreams radio program.

Space is limited, so don’t put off your inquiry for more detailed information. Registration by January 21 is strongly recommended.
Contact American Public Media, Member Listener Services (800-228-7123; e-mail document mail@mpr.org) or Group Travel Directors (800-747-2255, 952-881-7811, Fax 952-881-6276, e-mail document groups@gtd.org.)

For more information read document Historic Organs in Bach Country.
(PDF; free document Adobe Reader needed.) If you have trouble printing this PDF file, try the link at the document Group Travel Directors site, or use our printable document reservation application.

Registration is now full. The tour has sold out.

Instruments on our itinerary

document Gottfried Silbermann organ builder
document Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg (1970 Schuke, II/26)
document Potsdam, Friedenskirche, Sanssoucie Park (1937 Sauer-1972 Schuke, II/36)
document Berlin, Franzsischen Kirche, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin(1986 Eule, III/31)
document Evangelical Church, Berlin-Karlshorst (1755 Migendt; II/21)
document Holy Cross Church, Berlin-Karlshorst (1870 Hook, III/39)
document Berlin, Dom/Cathedral (1905 Sauer, IV/113)
document Berlin, Schauspielhaus (1984 Jehmlich, V/74)
document Berlin, Nikolaikirche (1997 Jehmlich, III/44)
document Wittenberg, Schlosskirche (1864 Ladegast, IV/48)
document Wittenberg, City Church (Saint Mary’s) (1983 Sauer, III/40)
document Halle, Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen (1984 Schuke, III/56; 1664 Reichel, I/6)
document Merseburg, Cathedral/Dom Saint Laurentii et Johannes Baptistae (1855 Ladegast, IV/80)
document Leipgiz, Gewandhaus Concert Hall (1981 Schuke; IV)
document Leipzig, Nikolaikirche (1862 Ladegast-Sauer, IV/87)
document Leipzig, Saint Thomas Church (1908 Sauer, III/88; 2000 Woehl, IV/61)
document Rotha, Saint George’s Church (1721 Silbermann, II/23)
document Naumburg, Saint Wenzel’s Church (1746 Hildebrandt, III/53)
document Eisenach, Saint George’s Cathedral (1982 Schuke, III/60)
document Waltershausen, Stadtkirche (1730 Trost, III/53)
document Erfurt, Saint Mary’s Cathedral/Dom (1992 Schuke; III/63; 1963 Schuke, II/29) Background
document Erfurt, Prederkirche (1978 Schuke)
document Erfurt, Saint Severi Church (1930 Klais, III/33)
document Weimer, Herderkirche/Saint Peter and Paul (1998 Sauer, III/52)
document Altenburg, Hofkirche/Castle Church (1739 Trost, II/42)
document Meissen Porcelain Factory (2000 Jehmlich, I/4)
document Coswig, Old Church (17th century unknown, I/10)
document Dresden, Kreuzkirche (1963 Jehmlich, IV/76)
document Dresden-Loschwitz (2000 Wegscheider, II/20)
document Langhennersdorf bei Freiberg (1722 Hildebrandt, II/21)
document Freiberg, Saint Jacob’s Church (1718 Silbermann, II/20)
document Freiberg, Saint Petri Church (1735 Silbermann, II/32)
document Freiberg, Dom/Cathedral of Saint Mary (1714 Silbermann, III/44; 1719 Silbermann, I/14)
document Reinhardtsgrimma, Village Church (1731 Silbermann, II/20)
document Frauenstein, Silbermann Museum
document Nassau, Pfarrkirche (1748 Silbermann, II/19)
document Prague, Saint James Church (1980 rieger-Kloss, IV/91)
document Prague, Tyne Church (1673 Mundt)
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