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Mailbag: “Disney Concert Hall”

October 30, 2007

Dear Michael,

Have you ever included the Disney Concert Hall Organ in one of your broadcasts? If not, are there any plans? Love your program.
After my weekly “fix,” I “thumb” through the archives for still more. Truly a feast for the ears. Thank you for everything you do for us!

Tom Coughran



I have been holding back on use of a considerable amount of material from Walt Disney Concert Hall, hoping for the reinstatement of PIPEDREAMS in the local KUSC-Los Angeles broadcast schedule. I continue to be hopeful, at this time you will see quite a bit of material featuring this remarkable instrument.
I did include a sampler on a program of new organs in concert halls. Pity that the LA Philharmonic has not yet produced a CD of the Disney Hall organ…


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