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Mailbag: E. Power Biggs

January 4, 2006

Dear Michael:
I am a huge organ fan and thus a huge fan of your program. E. Power Biggs was, as everyone knows, one of the best and most popular organists of the twentieth century. Yet only a handful of his LP albums have been “upgraded” to a CD format. I have a number of his LP records that are still in fine condition. What’s Sony’s (or anybody else’s) excuse?

Micah Schmidt
Tacoma, WA


Dear Michah:
I cannot say why the people at Sony Classical have been so reluctant to reissue the Biggs catalog. Perhaps they realize that the market for a ‘dead organist’, no matter how great and popular, is minimal.

An outfit called Haydn House <www.haydnhouse.com specializes in LP-to-CD transfers, and offers a number of back-catalog Biggs items in their “Organ Loft” website section. I cannot vouch for their quality, but may investigate them myself soon.


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