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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Recent additions to the archives:

We are working our way through the archives from more than 25 years of Pipedreams broadcasts. Making this material available on the internet is a time-consuming process. Many early programs have never been available online and must be transferred from analog reel-to-reel tapes. Other shows must have their online audio upgraded, as the technology for streaming audio has advanced greatly from the time those shows were first made available.

NOTE: in our early broadcasts, as a promotional tool, we offered a ‘free quarterly program brochure’ that was mailed to anyone who requested it. Those brochures were discontinued in 1995 and since then our ongoing program listings have been made available through this website. Please DO NOT write to inquire about the brochure…we have none to send. :-)


Here is a status report of our progress:


June, 2011

Back in 2007 we started offering higher quality online audio with show #0718 Passacaglia. Now we have upgraded the audio for some of the earlier shows, #0706 through #0717. We are leaving the older audio links in place for a while if you would like to hear the difference.


October, 2010

Christopher Herrick found his way to the Twins Cities for a recital and that inspired us to post this show:

    Audio Organ Fireworks from October 1st, 2001 as #0140


September, 2010

Benevolence sets in as we grant a request from an instructor hoping to have this show available for students:

    Audio Lets Be Franck from November 21st, 1988 as #8847 & January 8th, 1996 as #9602


July, 2010

This show was added as a rebroadcast in a longer format on July 19th, 2010 as #1029.

    Audio American Premieres from September 25th, 2000 as #2039


June, 2010

As a buildup to the AGO National Convention in Washington D.C. we posted these shows from 1984 that featured the convention’s previous visit to D.C. in 1982:

    Audio AGO 1982 I from April 9th, 1984 as Program #28 [8428]

    Audio AGO 1982 II from April 16th, 1984 as Program #29 [8429]

    Audio AGO 1982 III from April 23rd, 1984 as Program #30 [8430]

    Audio AGO 1982 IV from April 30th, 1984 as Program #31 [8431] & January 13th, 1986 as #8602

    Audio AGO 1982 V from May 7th, 1984 as Program #32 [8432]

    Audio AGO 1982 VI from May 14th, 1984 as Program #33 [8433] & September 21st, 1987 as #8738

    Audio AGO 1982 VII from May 21st, 1984 as Program #34 [8434] & September 15th, 1986 as #8637

    Audio AGO 1982 VIII from May 28th, 1984 as Program #35 [8435] & July 21st, 1986 as #8629

    Audio AGO 1982 IX from June 4th, 1984 as Program #36 [8436]

    Audio AGO 1982 X from June 11th, 1984 as Program #37 [8437]

    Audio AGO 1982 XI from June 18th, 1984 as Program #38 [8438] & August 17th, 1987 as #8733


This show was added as a rebroadcast in a longer format on June 21st, 2010 as #1025

    Audio Around Bach from March 20th, 2006 as #0612


February, 2010

We put the spotlight on Emma Lou! #1004 and added the audio from an earlier show that featured her:

    Audio All Things Bright and Beautiful from March 27th, 2000 as #2013 & August 23rd, 2004 as #0434


October, 2009

Paul Manz passed away this month and we quickly dug into the archive to retrieve this show from 2001 and upgrade the audio:

    Audio A Portrait of Paul Manz from April 2nd, 2001 as #0114


June, 2009

This show was added as a rebroadcast in a longer format on June 29th, 2009 as #0926

Preview     Audio American Blessings from November 25th, 1996 as #9648 & June 26th, 2006 as #0626


April il, 2009

We tipped our hat to Hector Olivera this month with Hats Off for Hector! #0915 & #1028. Here is the first Pipedreams show to feature him:

    Audio A Man for All Seasons from May 11th, 1987 as #8719 & June 10th, 1991 as #9123


We also added a few more of the early digital shows. Here are the last six from 1998:

    Audio Going On Record from November 23rd, 1998 as #9847

    Audio Veni, Come from November 30th, 1998 as #9848

    Audio Sir Christemas from December 7th, 1998 as #9849

    Audio An American Organist’s Christmas from December 14th, 1998 as #9850

    Audio On This Day from December 21st, 1998 as #9851

    Audio An Organist’s Yearbook from December 28th, 1998 as #9852


March, 2009

We continue upgrading audio. These five shows are some of the first produced in digital format, a process we switched to in 1998:

    Audio Dupré, Symphonic and Seraphic from September 7th, 1998 as #9836 & June 14th, 2004 as #0424

    Audio Hildegard’s Visions from September 14th, 1998 as #9837 & August 1st, 2005 as #0531

    Audio B-Be-Beyond the Three B’s from November 2nd, 1998 as #9844

    Audio Direct from Denver from November 9th, 1998 as #9845

    Audio American Muse from November 16th, 1998 as #9846 & April 16th, 2001 as #0116


In conjunction with the centenary tribute to Olivier Messiaen (#0848) from December of last year we revived an earlier program devoted to his Trinity Meditations and upgraded the audio for two others:

    Audio Olivier Messiaen’s Trinity Meditations from June 15th, 1987 as #8724 & September 3rd, 1990 as #9036

    Audio Attuned to Messiaen from April 29th, 2002 as #0218

    Audio The Nativity of the Lord from December 23rd, 2002 as #0252


February, 2009

Back in January we broadcast a Bicentennial celebration of Mendelssohn and this month added the audio for five earlier shows featuring his music:

    Audio Mendelssohn - The Organ Works (I) from September 8th, 1986 as #8636

    Audio Mendelssohn - The Organ Works (II) from March 2nd, 1987 as #8709

    Audio Mendelssohn - The (Rediscovered) Organ Works (III) from April 20th, 1987 as #8716 & July 30th, 1990 as #9031

    Audio Mendelssohn - The Organ Works (IV) from October 24th, 1988 as #8843

    Audio Felicitous Felix from May 12th, 1997 as #9719


We also broadcast a recently recorded event, Pipedreams Live! #0903, featuring the Anton Heiller Memorial Organ, built by John Brombaugh at Southern Adventist University in Collegdale, Tennessee. Twenty-two years ago, we provided major coverage of the inauguration of that instrument:

    Audio Tennessee Tracker from October 27th, 1986 as #8643

    Audio Sounds of Yesterday from November 17th, 1986 as #8646 & August 24th, 1992 as #9234

    Audio Sound of Today from November 24th, 1986 as #8647


...and we revisited the C.B. Fisk organ at House of Hope Presbyterian in St. Paul and re-examined some historical instruments in Iowa.

    Audio O.H.S. in Iowa (Part 1) from July 27th, 1987 as #8730 & August 31st, 1992 as #9235

    Audio O.H.S. in Iowa (Part 2) from August 3rd, 1987 as #8731 & August 23rd, 1993 as #9334

    Audio Fisk at House of Hope from August 10th, 1987 as #8732


January, 2009

Here are the rest of the shows from our first broadcast year 9–13:

    Audio The Elmer Iseler Singers from February 28th, 1982 as Program #9a [8209]

    Audio Young Artists Competition Winners from March 7th, 1982 as #10a [8210]

    Audio In Memoriam - Robert Barwis Pitman from March 14th, 1982 as #11a [8211]

    Audio Bach’s Clavierübung III from March 21st, 1982 as #12a [8212] & March 19th, 1984 as #25 [8425]

    Audio The Organ in Solo and Worship from March 28th, 1982 as #13a [8213]


October, 2008

This show was added as a rebroadcast on October 13th, 2008 as #0841.

    Audio Rorem on Rorem from October 20th, 2003 as #0343


July, 2008

These three shows were added as rebroadcasts.

    Audio Fantasies on a Choral from May 24th, 2004 as #0421 and rebroadcast on July 28th, 2008 as #0830

    Audio Come On, Let’s Dance from November 29th, 2004 as #0448 and rebroadcast on July 21st, 2008 as #0829

    Audio Bach On the Bench from March 14th, 2005 as #0511 and rebroadcast on July 7th, 2008 as #0827


June, 2008

These two shows were added as rebroadcasts.

    Audio To Honor Saint Cecilia from November 15th, 2004 as #0446 and rebroadcast on June 2nd, 2008 as #0822

    Audio Bach, Beethoven and Brahms from October 17th, 2005 as #0542 and rebroadcast on June 16th, 2008 as #0824


March, 2008

Continuing our 25th Anniversary celebration, here are shows 5–8 from our first year:

    Audio David Hurd and Conrad Susa from January 31st, 1982 as #5a [8205]

    Audio The Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London from February 7th, 1982 as #6a [8206]

    Audio Marilyn Mason in Recital from February 14th, 1982 as #7a [8207] & February 13th, 1984 as #20 [8420]

    Audio David Craighead in Concert from February 21st, 1982 as #8a [8208] & January 23rd, 1984 as #17 [8417]


February, 2008

As part of our 25th Anniversary season, we’ve posted Pipedreams shows 1–4 from our first year, 1982:

    Audio AGO Convention 1980 from January 3rd, 1982 as #1a [8201] & January 16th, 1984 as #16 [8416]

    Audio Robert Glasgow at the St. Paul Cathedral from January 10th, 1982 as #2a [8202] & February 6th, 1984 as #19 [8419]

    Audio Paukert + Palmer from January 17th, 1982 as #3a [8203]

    Audio A Healey Willan Tribute from January 24th, 1982 as #4a [8204] & January 30th, 1984 as #18 [8418]


September, 2007

After making the switch to the Flash player to provide playback for archived audio, we tested it out on these two shows:

    Audio Vision and Virtuosity from November 1st, 1999 as #9944

    Audio Nothing Like a Dame from March 6th, 2000 as #2010


July, 2007

These two shows were added as rebroadcasts.

    Audio Alain On Alain (Part 1) from February 12th, 2001 as #0107 and rebroadcast on July 9th, 2007 as #0728

    Audio Alain On Alain (Part 2) from February 25th, 2002 as #0209 and rebroadcast on July 16th, 2007 as #0729


May, 2007

These two shows were added as rebroadcasts.

    Audio Organ Plus from September 17th, 2001 as #0138 and rebroadcast on May 21st, 2007 as #0721

    Audio The Joke’s On Us from October 15th, 2001 as #0142 and rebroadcast on May 14th, 2007 as #0720


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