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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Hazel Wright Pipe Organ
Hazel Wright Pipe Organ/Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

Hazel's Back

…some reflections in anticipation of the gala rededication of the Hazel Wright Pipe Organ at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Allegro moderato e serioso (i.), fr Sonata in f, Op. 65, no. 1 –Frederick Swann (Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49049

ROBERT HEBBLE: Heraldings –Frederick Swann (Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048

FREDERICK SWANN: 2 Anthems (The heart of the eternal; The Lord will guide you continually) –Crystal Cathedral Choir/Frederick Swann, director and organist (Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048

CHRISTOPHER PARDINI: Toccata on Amazing Grace –Christopher Pardini (Crystal Cathedral) Crystal Cathedral 2003

CHARLES CALLAHAN: Alleluia. PETER LATONA: Fanfare, Introit, and Procession, Let us go rejoicing –Diocesan Children’s Choir & Christ Cathedral Choirs and Brass/John Romeri; David Ball (1951 Aeolian-Skinner/Christ Cathedral Arboretum) Gothic 49326.

ROBERT HEBBLE: Cathedral Tapestry –Frederick Swann, Christopher Pardini (r. 2002 on the 20th anniversary of the Hazel Wright Pipe Organ) TPHWO 2002 (see also PD #0625)

Filler –

Hour 2

FREDERICK SWANN (arr.) Amazing Grace –Frederick Swann (Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048

HEALEY WILLAN: Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue –Frederick Swann (Crystal Cathedral) TPHWO 2002

FLOR PEETERS: Aria. BRIAN SAWYERS: Rising Sun –Peter Baicchi (Crystal Cathedral) High Definition 1001

JULIAN DARIUS REVIE: Stetit Angelus –Choir of Yale University’s St. Thomas More Chapel/Natalie Plaza; Libera/Robert Prizeman; Chime In! Handbell Choir/Rick Wood; Yale University Carilloneurs Handbell Choir; Julian Revie (Arboretum organ). Gothic 48326

RACHEL LAURIN: Te Deum, Op. 90 –Cathedral Brass Ensemble/John Romeri; David Ball (Arboretum organ) Gothic 49326

Filler –

With over 17,000 pipes, ‘Hazel’, as the organ at Christ Cathedral is known, is the third-largest church organ in the United States and fifth largest in the world. She will be celebrated with a special weekend of concerts May 15-17, 2020, and additional special programs throughout the next 12 months. The Frederick Swann Organ (Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1141 with 82 ranks) in the Cathedral Arboretum stood in for Hazel, still under restoration by Ruffatti, for recordings of commissioned scores made in 2019 during the official (re)dedication of Christ Cathedral.

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