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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1949 Aeolian-Skinner
1949 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Presbyterian Church, Kilgore, TX


…the American Classic Organ as interpreted by Roy Perry, featured in selections from the 2018 East Texas Pipe Organ Festival.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

WILLIAM WALTON:  Orb & Sceptre March –Alan Morrison (1951 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Baptist Church, Longview, TX)

JACQUES van OORTMERSSEN:  Nun ruhen alle Wälder.  MICHAEL McCABE:  Flourish & Chorale –Peter Yardley-Jones (1949 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Presbyterian Church, Kilgore, TX)

PHILIP MOORE:  Pastorale –Jonathan Ryan (1949 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Presbyterian Church, Kilgore)

CLARENCE MADER:  Fanfare Prelude –Jacob Benda (1952 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Kilgore)

GERALD FINZI (arr. Ridout):  Prelude in f –Henry Webb (1965 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Dallas)

LEO SOWERBY:  Magnificat, fr Service in D –Incarnation Choir/Scott Dettra; Graham Schultz (1960 Aeolian-Skinner+1994 Noack/Church of the Incarnationa, Dallas)

HERBERT HOWELLS:  Rhapsody in c#, Op. 17, no. 3 –Katelyn Emerson (1949 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Presbyterian Church, Kilgore)

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Hour 2

GASTON DETHIER:  Allegro giocoso –Christopher Marks (1955 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Mark’s Cathedral, Shreveport)

ROBERT POWELL:  Nunc Dimittis in G.  WILBUR HELD:  Postlude on Diademata –Cathedral Choir/Bryan Mitnaul (1955 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Mark’s Cathedral, Shreveport, LA)

HERMAN BERLINSKI:  Prelude for Pesach –Ann Frohbieter (1957 Aeolian-Skinner/Temple Emanu-El, Dallas)

W. A. MOZAT:  Fantasie in f, K. 608 –Johann Vexo (1979 Kern/University Park United Methodist Church, Dallas)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT:  Improvisation on Nearer my God to Thee –Ken Cowan (1951 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Baptist Church, Longview)

PERCY WHITLOCK:  Grave-Animato (i.), fr Sonata in c –Graham Barber (1955 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Mark’s Cathedral, Shreveport)

Filler –

These performances were recorded between November 12-15, 2018. This yearís Festival will be held November 10-14. 2019, and features these and other instruments in Kilgore, Longview, Shreveport (LA) and Dallas. You still can register. Donít miss out!

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