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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1952 Aeolian-Skinner
1952 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Luke's Methodist, Kilgore, TX

East Texas Treasures

…highlights from the previous year’s East Texas Pipe Organ Festival as this year’s festival prepares to launch.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ANNE WILSON:  Toccata –Alan Morrison (1st Presbyterian, Kilgore)

JAMES BROOKS KUYKENDALL:  Ceremonial March –Michael Shake (St. Luke’s, Kilgore)

GEORGE DYSON:  Magnificat –Cathedral Choir/Bryan Mitnaul, conductor; Joseph Henry, organist (St. Mark’s, Shreveport)

CHARLES CALLAHAN:  Prelude and Dance (premiere) –David Baskeyfield & Thomas Gaynor (1st Presbyterian, Kilgore)

PAUL HALLEY:  Toccata Andromeda –Paul Halley (St. Mark’s Cathedral, Shreveport)

CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD:  Fantasia on Engelberg, Op. 121, no. 1 –Mark Dwyer (1st Baptist, Longview)

HUGH McAMIS:  Dreams.  JOHN WEAVER:  Variations on Sine nominee –Alan Morrison (1st Presbyterian, Kilgore)

Hour 2

MIGUEL PÉREZ:  Danza de las Hachas.  GUY BOVET:  Tango a modo de Bossanova.  JEAN LANGLAS:  Double Fantasie, fr Mosaîque, Op. 190 –Jason Alden & Jeremy Tarrant (1st Baptist, Shreveport)

JEAN LANGLAIS:  Cantilène, fr Suite Brève.  CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR:  Final, fr Organ Symphony No. 2, Op. 13 –Frederick Hohman (1st Presbyterian, Kilgore)

C-V STANFORD:  Intermezzo on an Irish Air, Op. 189 –Jan Kraybill (1st Baptist, Longview)

DAVID HEGARTY:  Appalachian Triptych –Jonathan Dimmock (St. Mark’s, Shreveport)

ALEXANDRE GUILMANT:  Final, fr Organ Sonata No. 1 in d, Op. 42 –Henry Webb (St. Luke’s Methodist, Kilgore)

Performances were recorded by audio guru Peter Nothnagle between November 5-9, 2017 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Kilgore (1949 Aeolian-Skinner Op. 1173); St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Kilgore (1952 Aeolian-Skinner Op. 1175); 1st Baptist Church, Longview (1951 Aeolian-Skinner, Op 1174); St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Shreveport (1954 Aeolian-Skinner, Op. 1308); and 1st Baptist Church, Shreveport (1963 Williams).

The next East Texas Pipe Organ Festival will be held from November 11-15, 2018. The public is invited!

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