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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

More Finnished Business

…in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence (December 6, 1917), we highlight Finnish composers and performers.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

EINOJUHANI RAUTAVARA: Wedding March (1984) –Jan Lehtola (1931 Kangasala-2005 Virtanen/St. Paul’s Church, Helsinki) Alba 265

JAAKKO LINJAMA: Wedding March (1947) –Jan Lehtola (2940 Kangsala/Taulumäki Church, Jyväskylä) Fuga 9319

ERKKI MELARTIN: Festive Prelude –Folke Forsman (1980 Virtanen/Turku Cathedral) Finlandia 700

OSKAR MERIKANTO: Concert Fantasia –Jan Lehtola (1916 Walcker/Martinikerk, Doesburg, Netherlands) Ondine 973

VELI KUJALA: Vision, fr Triptychos –Susanne Kujala (1967 Marcussen/Helsinki Cathedral) Fuga 9265

JEAN SIBELIUS: Intrada & Funeral Music, Op. 111a/b –Eero Annala (1993 Paschen/Kereva Church) Jubal 11

AULIS SALLINEN: Preludes & Fugues, Op. 95b (2012) –Kalevi Kiviniemi (2003 Heintz/Hämeenlinna Church) Fuga 9390

Hour 2

KALEVI AHO: Song of the Earth (2002) –Kaija Saarikettu, violin; Anna-Kaisa Pippuri, oboe; Lan Lehtola (1931 Kangasala-2005 Virtanen/St. Paul’s Church, Helsinki) BIS 1966

VELI KUJALA: Um, fr CybOrgan (2012)–Uusinta Ensemble & Tampere; Veli Kujala, live electronics; Susanne Kujala (1982 Kangasala/Leppävaara Church) Alba 393

JOUKO LINJAMA: Interlude & Postludium, fr Concerto for Organ, Marimba, Vibraphone & Winds, Op. 50a (1981) –Lahti Chamber Ensemble; Jan Lehtonen (1993 Paschen/Keravara Church)

JEAN SIBELIUS: 4 Songs (The Diamond on the March Snow, Op. 36, no. 6; Serenade; Hymn to Thais; To Evening, Op. 27, no. 4) –Jorma Hunninen, baritone; Laura hunninen, harp; Kalevi Kiviniemi (Leppävirta Church) Fuga 9264

JEAN SIBELIUS: Valse triste, Op. 44 –Kalevi Kiviniemi (1998 Mauch/St. Matthew’s Church, Stuttgart) Fuga 9207

JEAN SIBELIUS: Finlandia, Op. 26 –Kalevi Kiviniemi (1938 Kangasala/1988 Porthan/Lapua Cathedral) ArtInn 102


An informative article on the history of organ music in Finland is available from the Sibelius Academy.

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