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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Getting Hooked

…a celebration of one of the foremost and most prolific of 19th century organ building firms in the United States, E. & G. G. Hook.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

NIELS GADE: Three Tone Pieces –Thomas Murray (1863 Hook/Immaculate Conception Church, Boston, MA) AFKA 507

KEVIN SADOWSKI: Chorale, Aria, and Toccata –Marion Ruhl Metson (1852 Hook/1st Parish Church, Bridgewater, MA) OHS 05

JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Intermezzo (ii.), fr Sonata No. 17 in B, Op. 181 –Bruce Stevens (1860 Hook/1st Congregational Church, Woburn, MA) Raven 220

JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Fugue (i.), fr Sonata No. 8 in e, Op. 132 –Bruce Stevens (1871 Hook/St. Mary’s Church, New Haven, CT) Raven 180

HYMN: The royal banners forward go –Leo Abbott (1875 Hook & Hastings/Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, MA) OHS 20

ROBERT SCHUMANN: Fugue No. 1 on B-A-C-H, fr Op. 60 –David Dahl (1863 Hook/Elm Street Congregational Church, Bucksport, ME) OHS 92

WILLIAM HORATIO CLARKE: Concert Fantasia –George Bozeman (1860 Hook/St. John’s Catholic Church, Bangor, ME) Pipedreams Archive (r. 7/18/2002)

Hour 2

JOHANNES BRAHMS (trans. Lemare): Hungarian Dance No. 1 in g –Thomas Heywood (1876 Hook/St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Buffalo, NY) Pro Organo 7157

J.C. MOLLER: Presto in C –Thomas Murray (1827 Hook/Essex Institute, Salem, MA) AFKA 550

OTTO DIENEL: 4 Chorale-preludes, fr Op. 52 (No. 40, Wie gross ist des Allmächt’gen Gott; No. 26, Nun ruhen alle Wälder; Nos. 32/33, Von Gott will ich nicht lassen) –Edward Zimmermann (1866 Hook/South Congregational Parish, Augusta, ME) AFKA 553

ANONYMOUS: Flowers of the Forest –Marion Ruhl Metson (1866 Hook/Old South Church, Newburyport, MA) Raven 190

GEORGE WHITEFIELD CHADWICK: Marche Ecossaise –Martin Weyer (1868 Hook/St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA) Raven 410

J. S. BACH: Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder, BWV 742 –Meg Irwin-Brandon (1852 Hook/United Church of Westville, New Haven, CT) OHS 94

HORATIO PARKER: Melody & Intermezzo, Op. 20, no. 3 –David Craighead (1864 Hook/Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA) Gothic 49021

FLOR PEETERS: Toccata, Fugue, and Hymn on Ave maris stella –Timothy Huth (1861 Hook/Holy Cross Church, Marine City, MI) OHS 95

DANIEL PINKHAM: 4 Short Pieces for Organ Manuals. HORATIO PARKER: Fugue on Hail, Columbia, fr Organ Sonata in E-flat –George Bozeman (1860 Hook/St. John’s Catholic Church, Bangor, ME) Pipedreams Archive (r. 7/18/2002)

During optimal ‘fall foliage season’, the Saint John’s Organ Society in Bangor will sponsor a Maine Historic Organ Institute (October 24-28, 2017), with concerts, lectures, master classes, and a guided tour of some of the region’s extraordinary 19th century pipe organs.

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