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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Music for a Long While

…we honor the life and work of one of the 'grand old men' of English cathedral music, Sir Francis Jackson, on the occasion of his centenary (b. October 2, 1917).

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

FRANCIS JACKSON: Intrada, Op. 84, no. 6 –Francis Jackson (1961 Walker/York Minster, England) Priory 930

JAMES NARES: Introduction & Fugue in A –Francis Jackson (1961 Walker/York Minster) Amphion 142

JACKSON: Division on Nun Danket –Francis Jackson (1961 Walker/York Minster) Chandos 6602

ERNEST BULLOCK: Give us the wings of faith –York Minster Choir/Francis Jackson, director (r. 1950) Amphion 144

JACKSON: Sing a New Song –York Minster Choir/Philip Moore, director;John Scott Whiteley (1961 Walker/York Minster, England) Priory 841

JACKSON: Prelude on an American Folk Hymn (Lonesome Valley) –Sijmon Nieminski (1879 Willis-1995 Harrison/St. Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland) Lammas 127

JACKSON: Sonata No. 3, Op. 50 –Francis Jackson (1898 Willis-1960 Harrison/Lincoln Cathedral, England) Priory 930

Hour 2

BILLY MAYERL: Marigold, fr Syncopated Impressions –Francis Jackson, piano. J. S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in B-flat, BWV 560. PERCY WHITLOCK: Folk Tune, fr 5 Short Pieces –Francis Jackson (St. Michael’s Parish, Malton) Amphion 144

JACKSON: Diversion for Mixtures, Op. 25 –Francis Jackson (1969 Walker/Blackburn Cathedral, England) Priory 930

JACKSON: Hymn & Prelude, East Acklam –Francis Jackson (1875 Harrison/Castle Howard Chapel, Yorkshire) Amphion 130

C. V. STANFORD: Postlude, Op. 105, no. 6 –Francis Jackson (1951 Binns, fitton & Haley/Sledmere House, Yorkshire) Amphion 126

JACKSON: Eclogue, Op. 71 –with Philip Moore, piano. JACKSON: Festival Prelude, Op. 70 –Francis Jackson (1961 Walker/York Minster, England) Priory 930

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