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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Toccata, Again!

…whether fiery demonstrations of tactile agility or thoughtful meditations on cosmic principals, this genre provides a touchstone for the organist’s art.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

WILLIAM WOLSTENHOLME:  Toccata in B-flat –Adrian Partington (1882 Willis/Reading Town Hall, England) Priory 687

BASIL HARWOOD:  Toccata, Op. 49 –Jeremy Filsell (1986 Harrison/Winchester Cathedral, England) Herald 162

AURELIO BONELLI:  Toccata Athalanta –Hadrien Jourdan (1596 Malamini) & Jean-Christopher Leclere (1475 Da Prato/San Petronio Basilica, Bologna, Italy) Syrius 141312

JOHN LAMBERT:  Echo Toccata –Timothy Boyd (1998 Jehmlich/St. Wolfgang’s Church, Schneeberg, Germany) Regent 252

GUY BOVET:  Toccata (1963) –Guy Bovet (1993 Woehl/St. Petri Church, Cuxhaven, Germany) MD&G 320 0675

HERMANN SCHROEDER:  Toccata in c, Op. 5 –Hans-André Stamm (1980 Klais/Altenberg Cathedral, Germany) Prezioso 800.012

FRANCIS JACKSON:  Toccata in b –Hugh McLean (Harrison/King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England) Argo 478 8918

JOSEPH JONGEN:  Toccata in D-flat, Op. 104 –David Spicer (1963 Austin/Wayne Presbyterian Church, Wayne, PA) Pro Organo 7132

Hour 2

ROBERT PRIZEMAN:  Toccata (Song of Praise) –Martin Heini (1996 Goll/Church of St. Katharina, Horw, Switzerland) Guild 7401

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI:  Toccata No. 9 (Book 2) –Massimo Nosetti (1981 Zanin/Santa Maria Maggiore, Spilimbergo, Italy) Syrius 141304

BONAVENTURA SOMMA:  Toccata –Massimo Nosetti (1948 Tamburini/Messina Cathedral, Italy) Syrius 141403

J. S. BACH:  Toccata in c, BWV 911 –Kevin Bowyer (1962 Marcussen/St. Mans Cburch, Odense, Denmark) Nimbus 5606/7

CHRISTOPHER MAXIM:  Toccata Nuptiale –Michael Stairs (1931 Skinner/Girard College Chapel, Philadelphia, PA) Stentor 00872

ACHILLE PHILIP:  Toccata & Fugue in a –Gerard Brooks (1890 Cavaillé-Coll/St. Ouen Abbey, Rouen, France) Priory 558

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