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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1930 Steinmeyer/Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway][decorative stamp]
1930 Steinmeyer at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway

[(1787 Holzhey/Weissenau Abbey, Germany][decorative stamp]
1787 Holzhey at Weissenau Abbey, Germany

[1964 Grönlund/Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm, Sweden][decorative stamp]
1964 Grönlund at Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm, Sweden

Norwegians Would! (II)

…another exploration of the organ art as practiced in distinctive fashion by soloists and composers from Norway.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1535 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1535 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

KNUT NYSTEDT: Introduction & Passacaglia, Op. 7Gunnar Petersen-Øverleir (1986 Lund/Vålerenga Church, Oslo, Norway) Simax 1127

PER HJORT ALBERTSEN: Anna Tuetom’s Psalm TunePer Fridtjov Bonsaksen (1930 Steinmeyer/Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway) Pro Musica 9028

EGIL HOVLAND: Saul –Trondheim Cathedral Choir/Björn Moe, director; Øyvind Kåre Pettersen (1930 Steinmeyer/Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim) Sonor 6001

(UN)TRADITIONAL: Improvised Fantasies on Norwegian Hymns (Herre Gud! Ditt dyre Navn og Aere & Hos Gud er idel glede) –Anne-Lise Berntsen, mezzo-soprano; Nils Henrik Asheim (1787 Holzhey/Weissenau Abbey, Germany) Kirkelig Kulturverksted 136

JON LAUKVIK: 3 Slåtter (Folk Dances) –Bjørn Andor Drage (1860 Eriksen & Svendsen/Tjeldsund Church, Norway) Euridice 008

NICOLAY APOLLYON (Kjell Johnsen): Toccata & Fugue –Nicolay Apollyon (1964 Grönlund/Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm, Sweden) IACS 9001

Hour 2

LUDVIG NIELSEN: Chorale-prelude, Jeg ser deg, o Guds lam, fr Op. 5Harald Rise (1977 Marcussen/Haderslev Cathedral, Denmark) Victoria 19107

JOHANNES HAARKLOU: Prelude & Fugue –Stig Wernø Holter (1894 Schlag & Söhne/St. John’s Church, Bergen, Norway) Vest-Norsk Platerselskap 2005-0067

ARNLJOT KJELDAAS: Variations on a Folk Tune from Eksingsdal, Op. 32 –Kåre Nordstoga (1987 Åkerman & Lund/Ullern Church, Norway) Aurora 4928

OLE PASS: Meditation on a Theme of Thomas Tallis –Ole Pass, voice; Tore Brunborg, saxophone; Oslo Chamber Choir/Grete Pedersen Helgerød, director. Kirkelig Kulturverksted 205

KNUT NYSTEDT: O Crux, Op. 79 –Norwegian Soloists Choir/Knut Nystedt, director. Aurora 4950

KNUT NYSTEDT: Suite d’orgue, Op. 84Harald Herresthal (1981 Grönlund/Filipstad Church, Sweden) Pro Musica 9067

The ‘grand old man’ of Norwegian music, Knut Nystedt (9/3/15 - 12/8/14) nearly lived to be 100. We honor his centenary here.

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