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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1985 Hillebrand/St., Mary’s Church, Gdansk][decorative stamp]
1985 Hillebrand at St. Mary’s Church, Gdansk

[1620 Anonymous/Parish Church, Kazimierz Dolny][decorative stamp]
1620 Anonymous at Parish Church, Kazimierz Dolny

[1997 Kern/Kitara Concert Hall, Sapporo, Japan][decorative stamp]
1997 Kern at Kitara Concert Hall, Sapporo, Japan

[1986 Truszczynski/St. Mary’s Basilica, Cracow][decorative stamp]
1986 Truszczynski at St. Mary’s Basilica, Cracow

Polish(ed) Gems

…with focus on a further collection of compositions, instruments and performers from Poland.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1514 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1514 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

THEOPHIL VOLCKMARSonata No. 4 in gJan Janca (1985 Hillebrand/St., Mary’s Church, Gdansk) Dabringhaus & Grimm 319 0274

ANONYMOUS:  4 Pieces (Phantasies (2) primi toni; Susanna se videns rapi stupandam; Phantasia septimi toni), fr Gdansk Tabulature (1591) –Roman Perucki (1728 Hildebrandt/Holy Cross Church, Gdansk) DUX 0418

FREDERIC CHOPINFugue in aCharles Callahan (1946 Kilgen-2002 Wicks/Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO) Pro Organo 7232

ANONYMOUS:  2 Fugues and a Prelude, fr Daniel Croner Tabulature (1681) –Andrzej Bialko (1620 Anonymous/Parish Church, Kazimierz Dolny) DUX 0911

MIECZYSLAW SURZYNSKIChant triste, Op. 36b –Maria Magdalena Kaczor (1997 Kern/Kitara Concert Hall, Sapporo, Japan) SCH 015

JULIAN GEMBALSKI:  3 Improvisations (Chorale; Stained Glass; Song of Praise) –Julian Gembalski (1970 Kaminski/Frombork Cathedral) DUX 0413

Hour 2

PIERRE PINCEMAILLE:  Improvisation on Dabrowski’s MazurkaPierre Pincemaille (1912 Stahlhuth-2002 Jann/St. Martin’s Church, Dudelange, Luxembourg) IFO Classics 418

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDEToccata in F, BuxWV 157  –Marek Stefanski (1986 Truszczynski/St. Mary’s Basilica, Cracow) DUX 0225

MAREK STEFANSKI: Improvisation on The Cracow Bugle-Call Marek Stefanski (1986 Truszczynski/St. Mary’s Basilica, Cracow) DUX 0181

ANONYMOUS:  5 Pieces (Preambulum in F; Ave Jerarchia; Accede nuntia; Preambulum in d; Colenda), fr Jan of Lublin Tabulature (1540)Joachim Grubich (1997 Schuke, Potsdam/Philharmonic Hall, Lublin) DUX 0442

MARIAN SAWA:  Canzona (1990) –Jan Bokszczanin (Kaminski/Holy Apostles Church, Warsaw) APO 093

BOLESLAW WOYTOWICZRecitativo (1946) –Robert Murray, violin; Ardyth Lohuis (1951 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA) Raven 370

ANONYMOUS:  3 Chorales (Seht das kleine; Lasst uns betrachten; Ein froher Tag), fr the Gdansk Song Book –Jan Janca (1679 Wolff/Peplin Cathedral choir organ).  AUGUSTYN BLOCHAdagio, fr Organ Sonata (1954) –Jan Janca (1845 Bucholz/Pelplin Cathedral).  JAN JANCA:  Toccata, Wachet auf!Jan Janca (1977 Hammer/St. Nicholas Church, Gdansk) Dabringhaus & Grimm 319 0274

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