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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[James Hicks][decorative stamp]
James Hicks

[1929 Setterquist/Linköping Cathedral][decorative stamp]
1929 Setterquist at Linköping Cathedral

[1964 Andersen/Skara Cathedral][decorative stamp]
1964 Andersen at Skara Cathedral

Nordic Journey

…a visit with American soloist James Hicks, who leads us on an adventure amidst the organ repertoire of Scandinavia.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1438 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1438 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

FREDERIK SIXTENToccata Festival (1996)3

JARMO PARVIAINEN:  Toccata (1958)1

VIIJO MIKKOLASonaati uruille (ii. Adagio, ma non troppo; iii. Allegro molto) (1916)2

KURT WIKLANDER:  Elegie, fr Suite for Organ, Op. 35 (2008)4

UNO SANDEN:  Invention, fr 3 Pieces (1992)3

THORKELL SIGURBJÖRNSSON:  Chorale-prelude, Praise God (1988)1

EINAR SARKToccata Primi Toni, Op. 11 (1951)4

LARS EGEBJER:  Variations on the Anthem of Varmland (1977)1

LUDWIG NIELSENThe Bells of Nidaros Cathedral, Op. 37b1

Hour 2


ROLAND FORSBERGPartita, Komme ditt rike (1974)3

FREDRIK SIXTENLamentaion (2012)4

J. P. E. HARTMANNOrgan Sonata in g, Op. 58 (1855)1

James Hicks lives in New Jersey, but he made his recordings of compositions from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway for the Pro Organo label on several instruments in Sweden… (1929 Setterquist/Linköping Cathedral)1 CD 7239; (1905-2008 Äkerman & Lund/St. Johannes Church, Malmo)2 CD 7262; (1964 Andersen/Skara Cathedral)3 CD 7263; and (1898-2009 Äkerman & Lund/Västerås Cathedral)4 CD 7264.  Several more compact discs are planned for this interesting series.


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