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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1905–1935 Harrison at Durham Cathedral, England][decorative stamp]
1905–1935 Harrison at Durham Cathedral, England

[1898 Hill organ at St. Asaph Cathedral, North Wales][decorative stamp]
1898 Hill at St. Asaph Cathedral, North Wales

[1994 Walker at Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England][decorative stamp]
1994 Walker at Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England

[1903 Walker at York Minster, England][decorative stamp]
1903 Walker at York Minster, England

[2004 Letourneau at Selwyn College Chapel, Cambridge][decorative stamp]
2004 Letourneau at Selwyn College Chapel, Cambridge

[1908 Harrison at Ely Cathedral, England][decorative stamp]
1908 Harrison at Ely Cathedral, England

Regent's Report

…a selective survey of some recent releases from a notable English label, with music from Durham, Ely, Oxford, York and Bristol.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1334 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1334 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ARTHUR BLISS: Caesar & Cleopatra Overture. EDWARD ELGAR: The Tame Bear, fr Wand of Youth Suite No. 2. BLISS: Ballet for Children, fr Things to ComeTom Bell (1905-1935 Harrison/Durham Cathedral, England) Regent 409

JOHN HOSKING: Improvised Variations on Suo GanJohn Hosking (1898 Hill/St. Asaph Cathedral, North Wales) Regent 402

PAUL SPICER: Let not your heart be troubledChoir of St. Michael at the North Gate/Tom Hammond Davies, director; Benjamin Bloor (1994 Walker/Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England) Regent 389

HUW MORGAN: The Quality of Pity. JUDITH BINGHAM: The Shepherd"Girl Choristers & Lay-Clerks of Southwark Cathedral/Stephen Disley, director; Jonathan Hope (1897 Lewis/Southwark Cathedral, England) Regent 387

CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR: Mass, Op. 36Choir of York Minster/Robert Sharpe, director; David Pipe (1903 Walker/York Minster, England) Regent 391

Hour 2

BLISS: March, fr Things to ComeTom Bell (1905-1935 Harrison/Durham Cathedral, England) Regent 409

JOHN SCOTT WHITELEY: Passacaglia, Op. 17 –John Scott Whiteley (1903 Walker/York Minster, England) Regent 353

RICHARD WAGNER: Lohengrin Prelude (Act 1) –Jonathan Vaughn (1912 Harrison/St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol, England) Regent 394

ALAN BULLARD: The Selwyn Service –Selwyn College Choir/Sarah MacDonald, director; Oliver Hancock (2004 Letourneau/Selwyn College Chapel, Cambridge) Regent 404

PHILIP MOORE: It is a things most wonderfulEly Girl's Choir/Sarah MacDonald, director; Oliver Hancock (1908 Harrison/Ely Cathedral, England) Regent 397

WILLIAM MATHIAS: InvocationsWilliam Saunders (1933 Hill, Norman & Beard/Royal Hospital School Chapel, Holbrook, England) Regent 408

Gary Cole studied to be a cathedral organist and choir director. But after initiating a recording project with his own free-lance chamber choir, he decided to create his own 'label', and Regent Records was born. The little business prospered, and now is jointly managed by Gary and his wife Pippa Cole. You’ll hear their comments included in the program, with additional observations by Gary available here:

Gary describes his home studio in Wolverhampton, England.

What is the Regent Records production schedule these days?

One man's view of the classical music recording 'industry' today, and how to stay afloat in it.

A reflection on the English choral tradition and its evolution.


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