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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1934 Aeolian-Skinner organ at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California][decorative stamp]
1934 Aeolian-Skinner organ at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California

[1929 Wurlitzer organ, Opus 2103, at Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, California][decorative stamp]
1929 Wurlitzer organ, Opus 2103, at Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, California

[1956 Aeolian-Skinner; 2002 Dyer organ at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida][decorative stamp]
1956 Aeolian-Skinner; 2002 Dyer organ at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

[1938 Ernest M. Skinner & Son; 1975 Aeolian-Skinner organ, Opus 510, at National Cathedral, Washington DC][decorative stamp]
1938 Ernest M. Skinner & Son; 1975 Aeolian-Skinner organ, Opus 510, at National Cathedral, Washington DC

[1890 Hill organ at Town Hall, Sydney, Australia][decorative stamp]
1890 Hill organ at Town Hall, Sydney, Australia

Marching into March

…some up-tempo tunes to keep the blood warm and take us through to the beginning of spring.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1109 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1109 Hour 2 59:00 Min

Program Broadcast dates:

  • Week of February 28, 2011

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA: Washington Post March –Erik William Suter (1938 Ernest M. Skinner & Son; 1975 Aeolian-Skinner/National Cathedral, Washington, DC) WNC 0501

GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN: La Majesté, from 12 Heroic Marches –Chris Dolske, trumpet; Terry Yount (1956 Aeolian-Skinner; 2002 Dyer/Knowles Chapel, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL) Ligonier Ministries 2007

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Cornelius March –Rupert Gough (1857 Henry Willis; 1974 Harrison & Harrison/Wells Cathedral, England, UK) Priory PRCD5034

WILLIAM WALTON: Crown Imperial March –Jonathan Scott (1996 Marcussen/Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, England, UK) Scott Brothers 004

JEAN GUILLOU: Tempo di Marcia, from 12 Furtive Pieces –Bert den Hertog (1912 Adema-Schreurs/Dominican Church, Zwolle, The Netherlands) DEV 1004

PERCY WHITLOCK (arranged by Riley): Dignity & Impudence March –William Saunders (1912 Harrison & Harrison/St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, England, UK) Regent 270

RICHARD PURVIS: Marche GrotesqueKeith Thompson (1934 Aeolian-Skinner/Grace Episcopal Cathedral, San Francisco, CA) Echoes of Heaven 4721

MALCOLM RILEY: Pavilioned in SplendourMalcolm Riley (1957 Compton/St. Bride’s Fleet Street, London, England, UK) Sycamore CD-001

WILLIAM THOMAS BEST: Concert Fantasia on a Welsh March Men of HarlechJane Watts (1890 Hill/Town Hall, Sydney, Australia) Priory PRCD515

Filler –GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (see above)

Hour 2

MEREDITH WILLSON: 76 Trombones –Don Baker (1926 Wurlitzer/Paramount Theatre, New York, NY) POP 131

GEORGE M. COHAN: Yankee Doodle DandyRuby Braff, cornet; Dick Hyman (1926 Wurlitzer/Keystone Oaks High School, Dormont, PA) Arbors Jazz 19269

JOSEF WAGNER: Under the Double Eagle March –Lyn Larsen (1929 Wurlitzer/Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA) Beldale 429

FRANZ SCHUBERT: Marche Militaire Number 1 –Jelani Eddington (1925 Midmer-Losch/Adrian W. Phillips Music Studio, Phoenix, AZ) RJE Productions 4920

CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD: Marcia EroicaRoy Massey (1933 Henry Willis & Sons; 2004 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England, UK) Priory PRCD103

ANDREW BOEX: Marche ChampetrePietro Yon (1919 Aeolian/Blackhall Road Music Studio, Exeter, England, UK) Retrovox 15105913

JOSEPH JONGEN: Marche Riligieuse, Opus 31, number 1 –Anton Doornhein (1874 Schyven; 1912 van Bever/Notre Dame de Laeken, Brussels, Belgium) D.E. Versluis 1023

ALEXANDRE GUILMANT: Marche Funebre et Chant SeraphiqueKevin Bowyer (1914 Taylor & Son/De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UK) NPC Records CD-007

ALEXANDRE GUILMANT: March on a Theme of Handel –Arnau Reynes I Florit (2008 Grenzing/Convent of St. Francis, Palma de Mallorca, Spain) Priory PRCD1013

Filler –MALCOLM RILEY (see above)


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