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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[2000 Grenzing in the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Gudula, Brussels, Belgium]
2000 Grenzing organ in the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Gudula, Brussels, Belgium

Cathedral Resonances

…a five-century survey of music played on modern instruments in historic churches in Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid and Brussels.

Audio 0834 Complete Show 1 hr 28 min

Audio 0834 Part 1 30:35
Audio 0834 Part 2 36:01
Audio 0834 Part 3 21:23

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Music played in the program

Part 1

EUGÈNE GIGOUT: Grand Choeur Dialogué. EDWIN H. LEMARE: Rhapsody. SERGEI PROKOFIEV (arranged by Hannes Meyer): Toccata, Opus 11 –Winfried Bönig (1998 & 2002 Klais/Cologne Cathedral, Germany) Motette CD MOT 12191

Part 2

CARLES BAUGER: Prelude to a Religious Office. PERE ALBERCH I VILA: Tiento on the 1st Tone. NARCIS CASANOVES: Sonata de corneta I de clarins. MATEU FERRER: 5 Versets on the First Psalm Tone –Schola de la Companyia Musical; Montserrat Torrent & David Mallet (1994 Blancafort/Barcelona Cathedral, Spain) Discant Classics 1001 & 1010

ROBERT CUNDICK: Three Pieces for Organ Duet –Beatrice-Maria and Gerhard Weinberger (1999 Grenzing/Catedral del Nuestra Senora de la Almudena, Spain) Ars Musici AM-1338

Part 3

JOHANNES BRAHMS: Chorale-prelude, O Welt, ich muss dich lassen. FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Allegretto, iii, from Organ Sonata Number 4 in Bb, Opus 65. JOSEF RHEINBERGER: movement 1, Tempo de moderato, from Organ Sonata Number 4 in a, Opus 98 –Jozef Sluys (2002 Grenzing/Brussels Cathedral, Belgium) Motette CD MOT 13171

Filler –EUGÈNE GIGOUT (see above)




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