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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[2003 Beckerath at Edgewood, Washington, CT]
2003 Beckerath organ at Edgewood, Washington, CT

1909 Hope-Jones at the Peter Plumb residence, Portland, ME
1909 Hope-Jones organ at the Peter Plumb residence, Portland, ME

Domestic Bliss

Wouldn’t you like to have a pipe organ of your very own at home? Some lucky people do!

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Music played in the program

LOUIS MARCHAND: 3 Pieces, from Livre Premier, Plein jeu; Tierce en taille; Dialogue. LOUIS VIERNE: Toccata in b, Number 6, from Pieces de fantaisie, Opus 53 –Shayne Doty (2003 Beckerath/Edgewood, Washington, CT) MSR Classics MS1116

HAROLD FRIEDELL: Cantabile, from Symphony in e –Stephen J. Ketterer (2003 Beckerath/Edgewood, Washington, CT) MSR Classics MS1115

EDWIN H. LEMARE: Andantino in D-flat. SIR EDWARD ELGAR: 2 Vesper Voluntaries in B-flat and F. ALFRED BRINKLER: Variations on a Ground Bass –Peter Plumb and Harold Stover (1909 Hope-Jones/Peter Plumb residence, Portland, ME) Pipedreams Archive recorded April 13, 2004

WALTER DONALDSON: Just a bird’s eye view of my old Kentucky home. CHARLES HENDERSON: Deep Night. AMY WOODFORDE FINDEN: Kashmiri Song. VINCENT YOUMANS: I want to be happyTom Hazleton (1926 Welte/Scotty’s Castle, Death Valley National Park, CA) DVNHA CD-2003

LOUIS-CLAUDE DAQUIN: Noël Etranger. J.S. BACH: Chorale-prelude, Nun freut euch, S. 734. LOUIS VIERNE: Lied, from 24 Pieces en style libre, Opus 31. EUGÈNE GIGOUT: Scherzo. JOHN BULL (arranged by Ellsasser): Rondo in G –Kevin Buttle (1987 C.B. Fisk/Pony Tracks Ranch, Portola Valley, CA) Arkay AR6094

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