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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

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Mesa: Organ Stop Pizza, Wurlitzer organ Slide Icon

Tempe: Arizona State University, 1992 Fritts organ Slide Icon


1915 Austin organ at Spreckels Pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Belvedere: Saint Stephen’s Church, 1989 Frobenius organ Slide Icon

Berkeley: Alfred Hertz Memorial Hall, University of California, 1982 Harrold organ Slide Icon


Bridges Hall of Music at Pomona College, 2002 C.B. Fisk organ, Opus 117 Slide Icon

Claremont United Church of Christ, 1998 Glatter-Götz; Rosales organ Slide Icon

Fullerton: Plummer Auditorium, 1929 Wurlitzer organ, Opus 2103 Slide Icon

Garden Grove: Crystal Cathedral, 1962 Aeolian-Skinner; 1977 Ruffatti organ Slide Icon

Long Beach: Los Altos United Methodist Church, 1852 Simmons organ Slide Icon

Los Angeles:

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, 2003 Dobson organ Slide Icon

First Congregational Church, 1969 Schlicker organ Slide Icon

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, 1998 Rosales organ Slide Icon

Walt Disney Concert Hall, 2004 Rosales, Glatter-Götz organ Slide Icon

Moraga: Saint Mary’s College Chapel, 1998 Austin organ Slide Icon

Pasadena: Pasadena Presbyterian Church, 1961 Aeolian-Skinner organ Slide Icon

San Diego:

First United Methodist Church, 1989 Blackinton organ Slide Icon

Spreckels Pavilion, Balboa Park, 1915 Austin organ Slide Icon

San Francisco:

Davies Symphony Hall, 1984 Ruffatti organ Slide Icon

Grace Cathedral, 1934 Aeolian-Skinner organ Slide Icon

Saint Mary’s Cathedral, 1971 Ruffatti organ Slide Icon

Stanford: Memorial Church, Stanford University, 1995 Fritts organ



Augustana Lutheran Church, 1985 Reuter organ Slide Icon

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 1996 Kimball-Morel organ Slide Icon

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, 1958 Reuter; 2001 Morel organ Slide Icon

Saint John’s Cathedral, 1938 Kimball organ Slide Icon

Wellshire Presbyterian Church, 1979 Casavant Frères organ, Opus 3418 Slide Icon

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Rexburg: Brigham Young University, 1983; 2004 Ruffatti organ Slide Icon



Central Lutheran Church, 1976 Brombaugh organ Slide Icon

First United Methodist Church, 1999 Hochhalter organ Slide Icon


All Saints Episcopal Church, 1892 Jardine; 1985 Bond organ Slide Icon

Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 1996 Bond organ, Opus 25 Slide Icon

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 1987 Rosales organ Slide Icon

Saint Benedict: Mount Angel Abbey, 1998 Ott organ Slide Icon


Salt Lake City:

Assembly Hall at Tabernacle Square, 1983 Sipe organ Slide Icon

Cathedral of the Madeleine, 1993 Jones organ Slide Icon

Conference Center at Tabernacle Square, 2004 Schoenstein organ Slide Icon

Mormon Tabernacle, 1948 Aeolian-Skinner organ, Opus 1075 Slide Icon


1998 Fritts organ at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington

Kirkland: Private residence of Lola Wolf & Rubin Maidan, 1996 Pasi organ Slide Icon

Lynnwood: Trinity Lutheran Church, 1995 Pasi organ Slide Icon


Epiphany Episcopal Church, 1997 Noack organ, Opus 132 Slide Icon

Plymouth Congregational Church, 1967 Schlicker organ Slide Icon

S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium in Benaroya Hall, 2000 C.B. Fisk organ, Opus 114 Slide Icon

Saint Alphonsus Church, 1984 Fritts-Richards organ Slide Icon

Saint James Cathedral, 1907 Hutchings-Votey organ Slide Icon

Saint Mark’s Cathedral, 1965 Flentrop organ


Grace Lutheran Church, 1992 Fritts organ, Opus 13 Slide Icon

Pacific Lutheran University, 1998 Fritts organ Slide Icon

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