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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Milhous Collection Photos

Located in south Florida, the custom designed 50,000 square foot building is privately owned and maintained. The facility is handicapped accessible. The museum is not open to the general public. The collection is occasionally made available for the benefit of non-profit charities or collector clubs that share a common interest.

The collections are the lifelong efforts of Robert Milhous and his brother and business partner Paul Milhous. One can find specialty automobiles, mechanical musical instruments, and a wide variety of unique Americana. Much effort has been made to professionally restore ALL of the collection items to a level of extreme excellence!

Automotive treasures are displayed in settings related to the period of time when they were “new cars”. Galleries include the fabulous fifties “walk thru time”, a complete 1920’s filling station, the villager square, and a 1935 era automotive salon (patterned after the famous Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg showroom located in Auburn, Indiana).

Featured as a part of the extensive mechanical music collections are two large Wurlitzer theatre organs, one with original pipe-work and one completely digital (manufactured by Walker Technical Co.). There are numerous examples of rare and seldom seen music machines of bygone times. Among the largest music collections in the world, the Milhous instruments amaze and amuse visitors with their spectacular musical performances, beautifully restored mechanical workings, and elegant facades.

The range of collecting interests is often a surprise to our guests! One can explore collections of guns of the Old West, original neon automotive dealership signs, obsolete gas pumps, and related memorabilia. From the antique carousel, 1900 era barber shop and bank, grandfather clocks and lovely valentine cards, or beautiful art and seldom seen lighting, it’s all here to enjoy.


Images provided by Dave Wickerham, Resident Organist & Music Curator for the Milhous Museum, Boca Raton, Florida


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