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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[2015 Pipedreams Tour to Poland]Click Here to see the 2015 Tour Brochure

[2001 Schuke at the National Philharmonic Hall][decorative stamp]
2001 Schuke at National Philharmonic Hall

[1721 J. Mosengel at the Church of the Blessed Mary][decorative stamp]
1721 J. Mosengel at the Church of the Blessed Mary

[1985 Hillebrand at St. Mary's Basilica][decorative stamp]
1985 Hillebrand Bros. at St. Mary's Basilica

[1996 Klais at the Krakow Philharmonic Hall][decorative stamp]
1996 Klais at the Kraków Philharmonic Hall

[1680 Studzinski at the Bernadine Basilica][decorative stamp]
1680 Studziński at the Bernadine Basilica

2015 Pipedreams Tour
Historic Organs of Poland, June 10-22

Our itinerary, focused on the central and eastern parts of Poland, will embrace a remarkable variety of instruments from five centuries, including the monumental 96-stop organ at Oliwa Cathedral; the richly ornamented installation by Stanislaw Studzinski from 1680 in Lezajsk, with its celebrated high–pitched, multi-rank cymbal mixture; the oldest historic instrument in Poland from 1620 at the parish church in Kazimierz Dolny; several late-romantic organs by Schlag und Söhne, with their distinctive 'symphonic' voice; new concert hall installations by Schuke in Warsaw and Rieger in Lodz; and Christian Wegscheider's careful restoration of the 1719 Hildebrandt organ in Paslek.

You are encouraged to check out the links below, and check out our Facebook tour page by clicking the icon below to see some great pictures and comments! Click here for the tour book.

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Day 1 - Wednesday, June 10 (Depart US)
WARSAW: National Philharmonic Hall
      (2001 Schucke; 71/III+P)

Day 2 - Thursday, June 11
WARSAW: St. Anne's Church
      (1992 Pflüger; 30/II+P)
WARSAW: Evangelical Reformed Church
      (1900 Schlag und Söhne; 24/II+P, rest. 2008)
WARSAW: St. John's Archcathedral
      (1987 Eule; 60/III+P)
WARSAW: Holy Trinity Church
      (1998 Hillebrandt; 30/II + P)

Day 3 - Friday, June 12
ŚWIĘTA LIPKA: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
      (1721 J. Mosengel; 40/II+P; rest. 1905 Goebel)
PASŁĘK: Bartholomew Church
      (1719 Hildebrandt; 36/II+P; rest. 2013 Wegscheider)

Day 4 - Saturday, June 13
ŚWIĘTA LIPKA: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
      (1721 J. Mosengel; 40/II+P; rest. 1905 Goebel)
PASŁĘK: Bartholomew Church
      (1719 Hildebrandt; 36/II+P; rest. 2013 Wegscheider)

Day 5 - Sunday, June 14
FROMBORK: Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Andrew
      (1934 Kemper; 51/IV+P; rest. 2012)
STEGNA: Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
      (1914 Schlag und Söhne; 24/II+P)
GDAŃSK: St. Mary's Basilica
      (1985 Hillebrand Bros.; 46/III+P)

Day 6 - Monday, June 15
GDAŃSK: Dominican Church St. Nicholas
      (18th C. unattributed – 1907 Goebel; 35/II+P, rest. 1977 Hammer)
GDAŃSK: St. Brygide Church
      (1996 Kamińskich; 45/III+P)
GDAŃSK: Franciscan Church
      (1618 Martin Friese; 37/II+P;1757 Dalitz; rest. 2008 Wegscheider)
GDAŃSK: Archcathedral Basilica of The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard Oliwa: Great Organ
      Great Organ (1788 Wulff; 94/V+P – 1968 Kaminski; 96/V+P),
      Choir Organ (2003 Kemper; 17/II+P)

Day 7 - Tuesday, June 16
PELPLIN: Cathedral
      Baroque organ (1679 Wolff; 42/III+P; rest. 2003 Mollina)
      Main organ (1845 Bachholz; 72/III+P)
TORUŃ: Cathedral of Sts. John the Evangelist and John the Baptist
      Small Organ (1688 Unknown; 15/I+P)
      Main Organ (1878 Terletzki; 40/III+P)
TORUŃ: Holy Spirit Church, Nicolaus Copernicus University
      (1757 Dalitz; 63/IV+P)
TORUŃ: St. Mary's Cathedral
      (1878 Terletzki; 52/III+P)

Day 8 - Wednesday, June 17
WŁOCŁAWEK: Basilica Cathedral of the St.Mary Assumption
      (1893 Spiegel; 32/II+P)
DOMANIWICE: Chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
      (1795 Unknown; 8/I)
ŁÓDŹ: Saint Stanislav Kostka’s Cathedral
      Grand Organ (1971 Eisenbarth; 58/IV+P)
      Small Organ (1974 Eisenbarth; 10/II+P)

Day 9 - Thursday, June 18
ŁÓDŹ: Lutheran Church of St. Matthew
      Great Organ (1928 Rieger; 60/III+P)
      Chapel Organ (pre-1900 Schlag und Söhne; 12/II+P)
JĘDRZEJÓW: Cistercian Abbey Church
      (1754 Sitarski; 40/IV+P)

Day 10 - Friday, June 19
KRAKÓW: Church of the Holy Cross
     (1996 Gross; 18/II+P)
KRAKÓW: Collegiate Church of St. Anna
     (1724 Sitarski presumed; 26/II+P)
KRAKÓW: Collegiate Church of St. Florian
     (1761 Sitarski presumed; 23/II+P)
KRAKÓW: Philharmonic Hall
     (1996 Klais; 50/III+P)
KRAKÓW: Archbasilica of the Assumption of St. Mary
     (1800 Ziernacki; 56/III+P)

Day 11 - Saturday, June 20
KRAKÓW: Sts. Peter & Paul
     (1870 Biernacki; 45/III+P)
KRAKÓW: Parish Church of St. Barbara
     (1894 Rieger; 16/II+P)

Day 12 – Sunday, June 21
     (1620 Unknown; 36/II+P)

Day 13 - Monday, June 22 (return to US)

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