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Mailbag: “Mother's Moeller Melodies…”

May 12, 2015

Dear Mr. Barone,

I really do not have a question. I simply wanted to tell you how much I love Pipe Dreams. I grew up in a small NC town with one Baptist Church which had and still has a Moeller Pipe Organ. My mother was the organist and studied organ while she was pregnant with me. Perhaps that is why I love the sound of the pipes. This organ was put into the little church by Stephen Morrisett who was a professor at Westminster Choir College before the earth cooled. The majestic music that you feature on your program plus the warm and inviting presentation that you give makes for special magic every time that I listen to Pipe Dreams. Continue with your wonderful program.



Thanks for your note (which somehow ended up in my spam filter).  Fun to think that your mother’s playing of organ music before you were born might have influenced your tastes.  :-)

I’m happy that you take pleasure in PIPEDREAMS, too, and hope that you continue to have pleasurable listening experiences.

Onward!  :-)

Michael Barone


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