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Mailbag: “Online Listening…”

February 6, 2015

Dear Michael,

Dear I follow diligently for many years through pc, and I offer you the greatest compliments for the high quality of your estrama trasimissioni. I am also an organist in a small town near Milan, but I offer you a question. Pipedreams can not be heard and Videophone Tablet with Android latest versions, and it's a shame, you think in the future to move to HTML 5 or otherwise to make listenable Pipedreams even with these devices?

Thank you for your attention

Aldo Tenca


Yes, this is a problem, increasingly so since the audio player on the PIPEDREAMS site used to work (at least) on android media, but no longer.

However, I have been promised that a universally functional audio stream will be functional on the PIPEDREAMS website by the middle of next month (promises, promises), and I look forward to that.  The web page will be changed, too.

We shall see how this evolves, but I hope for the best.




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