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Mailbag: “A Nordic mystery…”

December 9, 2014

Dear Michael,

This morning's program included Carol William's performance of the Iver Kleive toccata Praise Thee God. It reminded me of another Norwegian organist/composer you featured many years ago. All that I can recall for reference to her other than her jazz influenced harmonies are the words Angel Darts. That has not yielded any results in my searches. Is this an adequate clue for your recollection? If so I would greatly appreciate her name and hopefully perhaps find some recordings.

Thank you for All you do. We enjoy your programing very much.



I am guessing that you are thinking of the late mezzo Anne-Lise Berntsen and the recordings she made with Nils Henrik Asheim of Norwegian hymn tunes (with wild improvised accompaniments).


Recordings by both Berntsen/Asheim and Kleive are issued by Kirkelig Kulturverksted:  http://www.kkv.no

They have an English page and a search bar which should assist you in finding things you need.

Good luck.



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