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Mailbag: “An Eddie Dunstedter program…?”

October 8, 2013


Have always wanted to ask you if you have ever considered doing a program dedicated to Eddie Dunstedter? Or even a part of a program with another theatre organist? I'm sure you are as familiar as anyone with his artistry from his recordings, and know what a unique artist he was among the great theatre organists. Listening to my mothers LPs of him was the beginning of my interest in the organ as a child; before I had even heard of Virgil Fox! I hope you will give this idea serious thought.


David Fiebiger


I've know about Eddid Dunstedter for years (a doctor in Sauk Centre used to rave about him!), but have very few of his recordings.   Since theatre organ is not my first priority, some things inevitably get overlooked.  Sorry.  If I can find time to transfer the two Dunstedter albums I have to digital format, I may be in a better position to use them…but I don't have time to transfer a stack of other things that have been waiting for some years…you know how it goes.

If someone who really thought highly of Dunstedter would put in the effort to have audio of his performances accessible, that would help immeasurably.





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