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Mailbag: “Some interesting records…”

September 30, 2013

Hi Michael,

Don't know if this mail will reach the right recipient, but I came into possession of a few records from a organ records collector.

Among them are +- 10 78 rpm records of Helmut Walcha's first recording at the St Jakobi church in Lubeck. These are the first recordings Walcha did for Archiv Produktion.

Would this be of interest to you?

Friendly regards,

Bruno Jacobs


Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately I must turn down your offer.  Though the 78-rpm discs (depending on condition) might be interesting to a collector, I believe that material also was issued on LP discs, and more recently in CD format, so the performances are accessible in a more manageable medium.

Perhaps you can find someone closer to home who might want to add these items to their collection.

Best wishes,

Michael Barone



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