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Mailbag: “A Note from Sweden…”

September 11, 2013


My name is Jan-Olov Berglund. I am an organist and choirmaster in Ovansjö church, Sweden, which is part of the church of Sweden (Lutheran).

I enjoyed listen to your program with music of Horatio Parker on pipedreams. You spoke a little about his vocal music, and I am glad to tell you that we are going to perform his work The Shepherds Vision with my choir on our Christmas concert December 29 in Ovansjö church.

I, and the choir thinks that this music is really nice and beautiful, and it is fun to perform music that is not so commonly used! It might be the first performance in Sweden!

Best regards

Jan-Olov Berglund

Thank you for a nice program.

I have got many ideas for my organrepertoir from your program.

Dear Jan-Olov,

From what I can see online, your church is a lovely (and historic) one.  What sort of organ (I see that it dates from 1897…still original/restored)? It has a very good sound, and should be perfect for Parker!

I'm glad that you find PIPEDREAMS useful as a repertoire stimulant…there is SO much organ music… a happy circumstance!

Do spread the word to others (organist and organ music lover) about PIPEDREAMS online availability…do you have any suggestions for me as to how best to communicate with the Swedish organ community?

Happy listening!





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