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Mailbag: “Pipedreams on podcast…”

August 28, 2013

Dear Michael,

When is Pipedreamsgoing to be available on podcast? My local radio station keeps changing the schedule and only plays one hour. If I am busy when it's on the radio, then I miss it entirely! My I-pad does not have the capacity for adobe flash player so I can't listen there either! It would be so nice to listen to ALL the programs!

If Pipedreams were available on podcast, then I could enjoy them whenever and as often as possible.

Marcia Cowell

Dear Marcia,

A podcast requires that all copyrighted music be licensed and 'paid for' (since, in effect, we would be giving you something to keep that is not ours to give), and the actual expense and administrative overhead of dealing with that is more than the PD budget can bear.  Thus the 'online only' access.  We are hopeful that within a year the flash player will be replaced (or intercepted) by a more universally accessible means of online listening (any other computer, non i–device, will access the program archive), but that (too) is a cost that MPR has been slow in embracing (don't get me started).

If your only computer is an iPad, you are stuck for the time being… but, eventually, online access will be yours, too.




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