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Mailbag: “Organ PLUS Cat prrr (second correspondence)…”

April 17, 2013

Dear Michael,

Michael this is a cudo. My favorite program of all time is 1045, "In Concert". The selections were absolutely delightful, and I come and listen to this program often. It gets me out of my depression, and it's like the sun has come out. Thank you so much for producing that show. Other favorites include any program featuring romantic instruments especially theater organ. My favorite living organists are Anthony Newman, and Ken Kowan, and oh, yes the wonder man Peter Conte. Thanks!

All the best,

Wallace Versluis

Dear Wallace,

I'm delighted that you use PIPEDREAMS as an anti-depressant! Some people find it has an opposite effect on them (but they don't listen, or correspond, often).

So much music...and so much fun to be had with it!


Michael Barone



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