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Mailbag: “Remembering Anne Lise Berntsen…”

December 17, 2012

Dear Michael,

MANY years ago I heard a beautiful piece on Pipedreams featuring organ and a soprano singing in Norwegian. I tracked this back to the KKV label at the time, but am no longer sure of the artist, much less of the specific piece. I think it may have been Anne Lise Berntsen, but am not sure. Any ideas?


John Spaulding

Dear John,

I included one of Ms. Berntsen's vocalizations on the recent PIPEDREAMS show ("International Holiday Sampler")…

…and a liketo the KKV label is included there. Also this index of her recordings.

Sadly, Ms. Berntsen died in August, age 69…too early. A marvelous voice.

Sadly, too, I do not know any easily accessible USA sources for those KKV recordings.

Amazon does have a few other items at present, and I would recommend the Mussorgsky songs and Gorecki's "O Domina Nostra".




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