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Mailbag: “"Little Shepherd's Lullaby"…”

December 11, 2012

Dear Michael,

I was enchanted by the "Little Shepherd's Lullaby" by Miguel Bernal Jimenez heard on program #1250 as played by Rossina Gomez. A fairly thorough internet search has turned up no source for the sheet music of this piece. Are you aware of a source, or is this piece still unpublished? It is a little gem.

Thank you for your help.

Claiborne Walthall

Dear Claiborne,

You might contact Vivace Press…vivacepress@umsl.edu…they have issued four volumes of organ music by Mexican composers, the fourth of which is edited by Rosina Gomez. Vivace may have her email address and you could contact her for more information.




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