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Mailbag: “Unique Sounds”

January 17, 2012

Dear Michael,

I find Pipedreams invaluable for searching for, researching and studying new music. I enjoy your "organ plus" programs and am looking for music for some "organ plus" concerts. If I remember correctly, the Pipedreams website used to have an extensive list of works for organ and instruments, including orchestra and chamber orchestra. Is that list still available? Also, I love the unique sound of Karl Scharnweber's jazz improvisations with organ, sax, and guitar (Pipedreams 10/4/10 and 3/25/02). Is any of his music published




Thanks for the kind words. After 30 years, PIPEDREAMS really has explored a huge amount of repertoire, and the online ‘programs’ archive can be pretty useful. I’m glad you are curious and using it! As for the list of works for organ and other instruments, there are three: organ and orchestra, organ and band, organ and brasses. Enjoy!




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