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Mailbag: “Amazing Feet”

September 12, 2011

Dear Michael,

I was wondering how much literature has been published that features extensive or exclusive pedal work. I ask because I recently saw a you tube posting of the Manari Salve Regina and wondered what other works were available.
Thought if there was a enough to fill a show, it would be an interesting show.




There are numerous pieces that feature pedals...going back to a work in 10 parts by Arnolt Schlick ("Ascendo ad Patrem meum") that requires four parts to be played by the feet.
Bach's Toccata in F (BWV 540) and his Pedal Exercise (BWV 598). Fernando Germani, for whom Maneri wrote the "Salve Regina" piece, was also the inspiration for Leo Sowerby's "Pageant". The Six Etudes by Jeanne Demessienx, and several of the Esquisses (and other pieces) by Dupre are pedal-focused. Firmin Swinnen composed a pedal cadenza to incorporate in the first movement of Widor's Sixth Symphony.
I expect someone has made a list of pedal-happy pieces, but I'm not aware of it.




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