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Mailbag: “Jacobs on CD”

January 16, 2011

Dear Michael,

You've played a lot of his recordings on pipedreams in the past, and Paul Jacobs has become one of my favourites as far as organists. I've looked on iTunes and can't seem to find any of his recordings up there. Sure enough, I'd think he has to have recorded quite a lot. DOn't have access to the Amazon MP3 store, as I'm here in Canada, and it's U.S only. So if you could give me a good source to purchase Jacobs' recordings, that'd be great. And as well, another organist that I see has recorded quite a bit, is James Welch. Cannot seem to find any of his material either.



The only commercial recordings of which I am aware are a CD on the JAV label, recorded some five years ago on the Beckerath organ at St. Paul's Catholic Cathedral in Pittsburgh, featuring music of Bach, and a new one from Naxos, recorded at St. Mary the Virgin in New York City, of Messiaen's "Book of the Holy Sacrament".
The latter, though challenging modern repertoire, is quite amazing. The Bach is good, too, but the Messiaen is outstanding
I do not know why Paul has not made more recordings, but these seems to be the only ones.



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