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Mailbag: “Come, Give It A Try.”

March 19, 2010

Dear Michael,

A crazy question that requires no answer but would best be answered by action. We moved to this little town almost twnety years ago. About ten years ago the local Episcopal church installed a new Harrison and Harrison tracker pipe organ. To say the least it is voiced excellently. Fortunately we have a series of visiting organists every year. The reason for this note is that you might be intereted in hearing or even trying this organ some time. If so a couple of my friends could arrange this. No, we are not members there. Our last concert was by Brian Jones.




I've heard about the instrument there, and understand that it is quite fine.
The likelihood of my seeing it (or doing anything with it) is tiny...too many organs, not enough time. But I am encouraged that you find it attractive, and hope that the community continues to benefit from its good use. Keep promoting those concerts.




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