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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Mailbag: “Good Show, Really!”

January 27, 2010

Dear Michael,

I have been a listener to Pipedreams for many years but just recently discovered the archived shows on your website. I have begun a journey beginning with some of the earliest shows available for listening and last evening I listened to the programs from 2000 on Bach's Art of Fugue. I must tell you that these two programs are perhaps the most amazing programs I've ever listened to. Just like Bach's ability to communicate extraordinarily complex themes in a crystal clear musical form such as we hear in these works, you too have communicated something so complex in such an accessible manner in your presentation, explanation and subsequent links related to the program. Bravo for your performance always but particularly for the genius of these two programs. I have become a supporter of the show so that I might put a little money where my heart is. Thank you for the many years of insight and delight.




Thanks for such a nice note! I find myself in the curious role of being still a student in all things, but playing the part of an 'expert'. If I am at all successsful in getting a point across to you listeners it is because I am struggling to understand it myself. By George, I think we've 'got it'!
However, I do despair that it has taken you 'many years' to discover the archived shows. I've been pointing you in that direction with several mentions each week for years and years. Oh, well, can't win them all. :-)
We hope to expand the online archive with more old shows, and improve the audio quality of some of the early postings (from @1999-2001), too.
Happy listening!




Jack responds,

Thanks for the reply, and yes I am kicking myself for not going to the archives sooner...my bad. Just a side note here, I was brought up through the Moravian Church and am descended from a long line of Moravians(the Voglers), and as you know music was and still is central to our Denomination, a characteristic that was not lost on me as a child. I am an artist and on my website is a painting titled "Ledige Scwestern Haus", (the Single Sisters House in Old Salem, N.C. which I think you're familiar with as it is the home of the recently restored Tannenberg organ).The painting which was a commissioned piece by Dan and Gwynne Taylor of Winston-Salem and who are big patrons of Salem College and Old Salem is set in an upstairs Chapel in the Single Sisters House called the Saal and in this little room right around the corner from the pew depicted in the painting is a precious little pipe organ, very small with but a few stops. I was honored when I was meeting with Gwynne in the Saal discussing the commission when she, an organist herself, fired up this little gem and played a little Bach for me. I honored this moment in the painting by placing a facsimile of the original score of "Nun Danke Alle Gott" on the pew. This short hymn of praise was sung by the Single Sisters of Salem at the original dedication of the building in 1786. This is why I love your show, as it "feeds the muse" which is at the heart of my creative process.
Many thanks again!



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