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Mailbag: “Rockin’ Out”

January 22, 2010

Dear Michael,

I stumbled upon the Pipedreams radio show as I was traveling through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last Sunday. It was my first time tuning in, and the song that was playing was one I hadn't heard for many years. It happened to be Franz Liszt's Funerailles, and my enjoyment of it surprised me since I'd been listening to Classic Rock since it wasn't Classic. Thanks for the great show. Generally, are all the songs played on the air available to the public somewhere? Specifically, is it possible to purchase this exact version of Funerailles played by Kalevi Kiviniemi somewhere? I'll wait until I get back home to a secure internet connection before I go to the contribution screen. Thanks in advance for your response




Thanks for writing. I’m encouraged that an old ‘classic rocker’ can be surprised by Franz Liszt played on the pipe organ! Marvelous!!
Yes, many of the musical items on PIPEDREAMS broadcasts come from commercially available compact discs, though some may be more difficult to obtain than others. Curiously, that particular CD by Kiviniemi does not show up on his own website, though it is a recent release. You might try contacting him through that website.

I do note that two other recordings of the piece are readily accessible through the Organ Historical Society online catalog, and they are both fine performances:
Nicholas Kynaston/Ingolstadt Cathedral

Louis Robillard on Cavaille-Coll organs in Rouen and Toulouse

In any event, you can listen again to that same broadcast online, at any time:



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