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Mailbag: “Host and Performer?”

September 1, 2009

Dear Michael,

I am curious as to weather you yourself have ever preformed on your show, or if you play on a regular basis. Whether it be at an organist posting or at concerts?
A fellow Organ Enthusiasts and Organist




Some years ago, in a program devoted to music of the Couperin family From C to Shining C, I play a set of Kyrie versets from the Mass for Convent Use by Francois Couperin. Otherwise, I leave the playing to people who really can.
I do occasionally play a recital and will do so in February at a church just up the street from the MPR complex, but have not had a church job since 1981, and do not practice with any regularity at all, which is too bad, as I do enjoy playing.
I likely will play something relatively simple at the event in Methuen in September.




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