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Mailbag: “Pleasant Listening.”

July 27, 2009

Dear Michael,

Just a note of thanks for Pipedreams. It is more than just entertainment…it is food for the spirit. I am a priest at a very large parish and I do not get to hear the program on the radio very often (my Sundays are rather busy!)…so I very much appreciate the opportunity to listen on the website. While I am now a priest, I was raised a Lutheran in Chicago, hence my nurtured love of organ music. Sadly, my current parish music director is not an organ person and our parish's organ is rarely used. As you regularly ask for our contributions of support, permit me to thank you for the way that your work is an enriching contribution to my life! Peace and blessings.

Fr. David


Fr. David,

Thanks for your kind note. A few weeks ago I was introduced to the priest in charge of Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio who listens regularly and enthusiastically to PIPEDREAMS on WGTE-FM on Friday nights while he is composing his weekly sermons. I do sometimes feel like I am in the garden, rooting amongst the nourishing vegetables, or in a fabulous audio kitchen, preparing ‘food for the spirit’…still groping to find the right recipe! What sort of organ do you have at St. Mary Immaculate? Perhaps we can encourage your music director to use it more often. Certainly there are plenty of young organists capable of applying it to the worshipful needs of your congregation! :-)
Best regards, and remember to support your local broadcasts on WFMT, even if you are not always able to listen there.




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