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Mailbag: “One Tenth Preparation...”

May 25, 2009

Dear Michael,

I LOVE your programs---BUT---we hear them here in Rutland on Sunday evenings starting at 9 PM. Is there any way you could send us the information regarding the programs PRIOR to our listening times so we can be better prepared?




I don't know how much more in advance we can get than on the PIPEDREAMS website. In the upper right corner, in the purple margin, click on 'programs', and that will take you to lists before and after the current date. We upgrade the individual program pages on the date of 'release', which is the Monday before the typical Sunday evening broadcasts of most stations. So what you see on the program web page will be in advance of what you hear on the air locally (usually).

And, you can hear the full two hours of the program (many stations, for unclear reasons, elect to broadcast only the first hour) online, at www.pipedreams.org. And, in most cases, the program audio will continue in the 'programs' archive indefinitely...so just explore in 'programs' for past programs that you missed or wish to hear again.


You could also sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter and be informed in advance of each week's programs. Simply click here to register abd check the box next to Organ Notes from Pipedreams.

Does that provide sufficient 'better preparation' for you? Hope so! :-)




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