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Mailbag: “You Tube for You, Too”

March 2, 2009

Dear Michael,

With You Tube so prominent these days and so many organists giving live or recorded performances there, when will Pipe Dreams be broadcasting both video and audio. I get a real kick watching Daniel Roth, Sophie Choplin and others at St. Sulpice also not to mention the old Virgil Fox delights.




You are not the first with that question. PIPEDREAMS relys on many sources for its content…primarily commercial CDs (which do not generally come with video), individual audio producers (ditto) and my own recordings (ditto in spades).

At this point, I feel very lucky if we can source some still photographs to accompany our audio.

If cost were no object, and I could hire someone adept with a camera, I might try video. But keep in mind that most PIPEDREAMS programs draw materials from many diverse sources…adding to the challenge.

It’s a lovely idea...but for the moment I happen to work at a radio station, and we are in the midst of an economic downturn. However, if you would like to fund an additional staff position for a year or two, we’ll get right on it. :-)





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